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[Surprise Presents]

You stared at your homework with your eyebrow twitching in agitation. Just staring at the amount of it, made you want to rip your hair out, and so, that is exactly what you did. Not to such extreme though. You leaned your forehead against the palms of your hand as you clutched your hair strands tightly in your hand. 

"School sucks fudgeballs," You groaned to yourself. For the next few moments, you continued to curse the existence of homework, when you heard tapping on the window next to you. This caused you to whirl your head towards it, and you slid your window up while raising your eyebrows. Instantly, sunflowers were shoved in your face. 

"[N-Name], take them before I fall," You heard a very loud voice, whisper. And so, you grabbed the flowers and then glanced to see Naruto grinning at you, as he held tightly onto the window frame. The silly sight of him hanging on to the window, caused you to chuckle/ 

"How did you even get up here? And why not use the front door?"  You inquired, raising an eyebrow in amusement. 

The blond was about to open his mouth to reply, however, before he could, the door to your room busted open. 

"[Name], this silly blond was here, claiming to be your boy- GET AWAY FROM MY INNOCENT DAUGHTER!" Your mother yelled outrageously, running towards the window. 

"That's why! I have to go! Bye!" Naruto said frantically. He pecked you on the cheek before he jumped from the window. This resulted in him crashing into your mother's planted pots which were planted right beneath your window, which only made her scream more.

"YOU DEVIL! NEVER COME BACK AGAIN!" She shouted at the fleeing form of Naruto, as you stood clutching the sun flowers close to you, silently chuckling. 
image credit belongs to their rightful owner. please tell me if know the artist.
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