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Best For You [Yandere! Park Ji-min][Reader-Insert]
Jimin spoiled you so much. He gave you everything that you ever wanted no matter how expensive or difficult it might’ve been to obtain it. Since the commencement of your relationship, Jimin was always displaying grand gestures in order to show you his love. On your first date, he greeted you with flowers and chocolates, and took you to an extravagant restaurant. Personally, that was a bit too extra for your taste for a first date. However, he was a total gentleman, and you had a pleasant time with him, so you weren’t complaining. This led to the second date and once again, he greeted you with flowers and chocolates. Only this time, the bouquet was bigger. This development continued because with each date, the bouquet of flowers would be bigger than the one before. Afterwards, when you finally asked him to stop giving you flowers, he began to give you expensive pieces of jewellery. It was as if Jimin was trying to make you love him by showing you how much
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O [Sasuke X Reader]
You whined as you jumped and tried to grab your book out of Sasuke's hand. The said male simply stood still, his hand reached over his head, with a book in his hand. Simultaneously, he wore a smug smirk at your futile attempts. 
"Give it to me, please!" You begged, as you tried once more to grab your book out of his hand. But like before, your efforts were fruitless because the male simply stepped away. 
"You know as well as I do that I won't give this to you until you give me what I want," Sasuke stated. In response, you pouted in disappointment, furrowing your eyebrows in frustration. 
"What the hell do you want?" You cried, glaring at him. Ignoring your glare, Sasuke smirked as he leaned towards you, the tip of his nose brushing against your cheek. With his husky, he breathed the following words into your ears. "I want you," He whispered, causing you to shiver due to his breath fanning your ear. His response caused a minute blush to dust
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N [Naruto X Reader]
[Paper Planes]
Due to the absence of your Homeroom teacher, Kakashi Hatake, your class was assigned to a reliever. Obviously, this meant no work and goof off as much as you wanted to.  And hence, Naruto was the first one to start goofing off, while you tried to complete the work given to you. 
From the opposite side of the class, the blond began to rip the papers in his notebook, write something on it, make it into a paper plane and throw it in your direction. 
The first plane landed right on your notebook, and you opened it with a sigh. It read: 
Girl, it looks to me like you mastered your sexy no jutsu ;D 
To this, you felt your eye twitch. You turned your head to look at you boyfriend to see him grinning goofily at you. You stuck your tongue out to him, before you went back to finishing your work. Your lack of response caused the blond to pout, before he grinned again and ripped another paper. 
Moments later
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Confessions [Oikawa Tooru]
The skies were sombre and grey clouds were suspended in the sky. It was a bit past afternoon, and transitioning into evening. The premises were wet due to the heavy rain that had occured half an hour ago, and the dark clouds overcasted the premises so much, that it appeared to be nighttime. The strong winds howled and swatted against the tree branches, as noises of the thunder booming were heard loud and clear. It was evident that a storm was brewing, and it would occur soon, and not stop for a long time.
[Name], who was currently over at Oikawa’s place, sighed in disappointment when it started to rain, again.
“Looks like I’m stuck here for today,” She thought out-loud, as she took out her phone. “I better let my parents know,” She muttered to herself, as she started to write a text.
Oikawa, who had just finished taking a shower, stepped out of the bathroom with a towel draped over his head, and falling onto his shoulders. It was
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Pretty Smile [Yandere! Luka Couffaine X Reader]
Luka was infatuated with the way you smiled. He loved the sight of your smile so much that he wanted to see you smiling all the time. No other emotion mattered, except for your happy and smiling face, and he wanted to be the only reason behind your smile.
Confined and isolated in a small room where you were in contact with no one else but Luka, you wanted to do nothing but cry and cower in fear and agony. But alas, the only thing you were allowed to do in his presence was smile.
“Come on baby,” Luka said, as he pecked the corner of your lips. In response, you whimpered, and tried to pull your face away from him, with your lips formed in a displeased frown.
He found that sight to be hideous. He settled his thumbs on the corners of your lips, and tried to stretch them so they would form a forced smiled.
“Smile for me,” He demanded, and you tried to push away from hi
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Reassurance [Zen x Reader]
It was a dusk night sky with an ambient shade of blue which blended in several pale shades before it was orange on the other side of the sky. Black clouds loomed over the premises, and and the city lights glowed brightly. At this hour, you entered the apartment you shared with Zen, feeling slightly stressed, and embarrassed.
“I’m home,” You called out, as you hung up your coat on the coat rack, and walked into the kitchen. Slowly, the delicious aroma of noodles entered your nose. It was in that moment that you realized how hungry you were because your stomach emitted a growl, which caused your cheeks to flush pink in embarrassment.
You were bestowed with the sight of Zen wearing a bright pink apron. Additionally, his hair was tied in a low bun. It had been a decent amount of time since you and Zen began dating, and you knew exactly what was printed on the apron; it had kiss the chief written on it. So, you did just that. You strode up to him, wrappe
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Love From Afar [Oikawa Tooru]
She was in love with him.
She had been for years.
She was with him since childhood, and she had watched every moment that really mattered--the moments where there was no facade to conceal his emotions--the moments where the true emotions of Oikawa Tooru shown through.
For most of her life, [Name] was nothing but a background character, an unnoticeable and faceless person. She was always part of the shadows, gazing up high at the burning, and almost blinding sun in desperate hopes that a part of it would shine on her, and expose her to its warmth and light. In this case, the sun was Oikawa Tooru.
She recalled when they were in kindergarten; she was hiding behind the giant sand castle that she had built, and she was was observing the a group of loud boys that were causing a ruckus. They were playing pirates. When the small [Name] of that time caught sight of a small brunet, her innocent and big childish eyes had widened slightly. He was dres
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O [Sasuke X Reader]
[Sweet Kiss
"[Name]," Sasuke muttered, brushing a lock of your hair behind your hair, as he pecked your cheek. Now, one would expect this to be a romantic moment where you ended up moaning, and yearning for more of his kisses. However, it wasn't because instead, you groaned in annoyance and shoved his face away from you, cursing in agitation.
"Go away Sasuke, I'm eating," You snapped, shoving his face away further, as you bit into your chocolate bar. Your continuous  shoving caused an anime vein to appear on the raven-haired male's head, before he grabbed your wrist in anger, and pushed it away. With anger fully evident in his voice, he hissed, "You're suppose to be begging for me, not pushing me away, you dunce."
You scoffed at this, and turned towards him, with an intense glare. "Begging me, my ass! I am not your submissive! You're the uke one[1], especially because you can't spell Sasuke without uke," You said, smirking at him, as you took another bite out
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U [Naruto X Reader]
[Surprise Presents]
You stared at your homework with your eyebrow twitching in agitation. Just staring at the amount of it, made you want to rip your hair out, and so, that is exactly what you did. Not to such extreme though. You leaned your forehead against the palms of your hand as you clutched your hair strands tightly in your hand. 
"School sucks fudgeballs," You groaned to yourself. For the next few moments, you continued to curse the existence of homework, when you heard tapping on the window next to you. This caused you to whirl your head towards it, and you slid your window up while raising your eyebrows. Instantly, sunflowers were shoved in your face. 
"[N-Name], take them before I fall," You heard a very loud voice, whisper. And so, you grabbed the flowers and then glanced to see Naruto grinning at you, as he held tightly onto the window frame. The silly sight of him hanging on to the window, caused you to chuckle/ 
"How did you even get up h
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Play Your Cards Right [Oikawa Tooru]
Presently, [Name] and Oikawa were resting in a cafe, indulging in a break from all the walking that they had done. They were sitting opposite each other on couches, with a table in between them, that was placed in one of the furthest corners of the cafe. The [h/c] female lazily leaned against the couch, and mindlessly sipped on her cold [favourite flavour] iced tea. Simultaneously, she stared down Oikawa, with a harsh glare, and an angry expression formed on her face.
Oikawa, who knew that [Name] was raging in anger and was trying to glare him to death, merely smiled sweetly. He wore an angelic and innocent expression. His elbows were on top of the table, and he held his phone in mid-air. His cold drink was sitting idly beside him, and he hummed joyfully. Oikawa was pretending to text on his phone, while in reality, he was recording [Name].
His lips threatened to twitch up in a smirk, but he forced it away, and continued feigning his happy-go-lucky faca
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M [Sasuke X Reader]
[Sharing An Umbrella]
You hissed in distaste as a few droplets of freezing rain touched your clothed skin, wetting it. And right away, you pulled the umbrella towards you to shelter yourself, cursing at Sasuke while you were at it. The said male mimicked your action of cursing when the side of the umbrella hit his head due to your pulling. 
"OW! Stop pulling the damn umbrella, you loser," He hissed, as few drops of rain hit against the cold, exposed skin of his hands, causing the raven-haired male to shiver. 
"Don't call me loser, assface! I wouldn't pull on the damn umbrella if you held it up properly so I wouldn't get wet either!" You hissed, pulling on the umbrella more, hitting Sasuke on the side of his head, and causing him to curse once again. 
"I do not have an ass chin, so I can't be an assface, you hideous peasant," He hissed, pulling the umbrella towards himself, causing you to get wet again. 
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S [Naruto X Reader]
[Hugs from behind]
"So I was like, because he's from the Uchiha clan and he's a womanizer, he's an UchiHOE," Your friend remarked,and right away, she began to laugh at her terrible pun.  You simply sighed at her silliness, before you cracked a smile. 
"That was terrible-" You began. However, your talking morphed into a yelp when arms wrapped around your waist unexpectedly, and pulled you back, surprising you. 
Instantly, you felt a familiar warm aura overwhelming you, and hence, you knew right away, who had surprised you with a hug. 
"Naruto, you scared me-" You began glancing up, only to be silenced with a pair of lips connecting with yours.  This unexpected intimate act not only surprised you, but left you frozen like a statue as a massive amount of blood rushed to your cheeks.  Much to your disappointment, it was merely a peck that lasted for a few seconds. 
"Hey!" Naruto greeted you with a bright grin on his face.
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Mature content
Weak [Takashi Shirogane] :iconscarletflame26:ScarletFlame26 23 3
Boring Banter [Takashi Shirogane]
It was midnight. The moon was suspended high and illuminated the dark skies. It was surrounded by grey clouds which hid some of it’s bottom part and the lustre of stars caused the impression of them twinkling. During this hour where a new day without the dawn officially began, [Name] and Shiro were actively indulged in actions of passionate making out. Subsequently, one thing led to another, as the young girl’s senses and desire became too overwhelming. This led her to settle her hands on Shiro’s shirt in an attempt to take it off. And when she did, she did it a bit tooroughly.
Shiro winced in pain as [Name] removed his shirt from over his head, and this did not go unnoticed by her. However, presently, in more curiosity and hunger than in concern, [Name]’s eyes shifted towards his now bare chest.
There was an enormous scar across his chest which would have not cause concern if it did not look new like it did present
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The Game Of Love [Oikawa Tooru]: Epilogue
epiloguewhen their story ends
The hallways of Aobajosai Highschool were quiet. Today, was the day when the next Game Of Love would commence. It was strange. Just a few months ago, this phenomena was the biggest buzz of the month which had most of the students gittering in excitement. However, ever since their game had begun, and the results had been conveyed, the hype surrounding the monthly event had began to die. The hallways were no longer filled with excited female students squealing and giggling, hoping they would be the chosen participant who, by the end of the game, would end up in a relationship with The Grand King. Or, excited males who were too shy to convey their passion for the game, and wished to be the ones to melt the coldness of The Ice Queen.
Now, it was basic news known to everyone in Aobajosai that Oikawa Tooru, and [Name] Surname] were in a disgust
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Take A Deep Breath [Oikawa Tooru]
“Tooru,” She breathed, as her voice shook in a very minute form of a whimper. She dug her head in his shoulder, and tightened the grip of her embrace. Her bottom lip trembled, which caused [Name] to bite her lip harshly in order to cease its movements. While she successfully managed to prevent the trembling in her lips, she failed to confine the shaking of her shoulders, and of the rest of her body. Her throat was dry and it burned; it was agonizing. Meanwhile, she continued to try and make herself as small as possible, by curling in a strange fetus position, and she buried herself in Oikawa as much as she was physically able to.
As her anxiety caved at the depths of her being, making her to be nothing but a mess, Oikawa had his arms wrapped around [Name] tightly, and firmly. He was leaning against the couch’s arm, with [Name] sitting in between his legs, and curling into him. Around their huddling form, there was a blanket wrapped around them. He gently ran hi
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