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I am finally back for a while and after looking through my older drawings, I decided that a cleanup of my work was greatly needed so that I could make room for new things. Some of the drawings I found were from years ago and they look pretty bad to me now that I've gotten a lot better. Hope you guys enjoy the new drawings and updates! ^.^
Which one do you guys think I should use as my Deviant ID? Leave your answer in the comments below ^^ :P

Deviant ID 1 by ScarletCB1999
Deviant ID 2 by ScarletCB1999
Deviant ID 3 by ScarletCB1999
Yes... I'm doing a practice manga/comic so that I can work up the courage and ability to do Infection:Zombie correctly. I just put out the first page.

The manga/comic that I am putting out now it a practice manga/comic, so that could mean that I might never finish it. I'll be working on it until I feel like I don't need the practice anymore. Then I might finish the manga/comic or I might just leave it on whatever page it is on. I will make sure to let you guys know when which one would be my last page so that you aren't waiting forever in suspense...

That's all. Thanks for Watching!
Where have I been?

I've been doing finals, going to orientations, grad parties, and now I have work and summer band camps. Fun!

I was planning on doing a manga... I'll call it "Infection-Zombie"

It's going to be about a boy who lives on the streets stealing and gambling just to live through each day. His parents had abandoned him in a park when he was only five. They had left him there to die. He managed to survive and now roams the streets until one day. On this day, a secret government experiment gets out and ends up infecting three fourths of the world's population. What do they call this saliva-transferred disease? Infection-Zombie. The guy (whose name is undecided so far...) runs into this disease on the streets and fights by himself to stay uninfected, alive, and safe. Will he be able to fend off the growing infection, or will his life come to an end sooner than he expected?

Look forward to it and comment if you have any ideas for me. I need Zombies, names, some characters, place names, and a bit of a plot yet... but I never have a plot to begin with anyway. All the stories that start off with a plot end up failing miserably. So... thanks to you who comment and I hope you enjoy the finished product when it finally gets finished!

I will post it page at a time whenever I have the time to get them in. It might be weekly or every other week. Who knows how long I'll be home at a time... >,>  Do enjoy it though~!
Yes... my laptop ended up getting fried while I was watching some Pewdiepie. I can't do much on the computer I'm using now and I had to explain to my readers on a different site that I couldn't update the chapters for a long time. T.T I finally got around to writing a one-shot since my new computer won't read the USB with all my stories on it....

or all my drawings.

So I haven't been doing much. I'll post a picture here and there, but it won't be much and I am currently done and out with drawing for other people right now. Once my computer is all fixed and my drawing tablet thingy thinks it's alright to work properly for a week or so, then I might draw some more. Till then...

I've got nothing. >.>
I started doing speedpaints along with my drawings and I kind of enjoy doing them. It helps to keep me on track and doing only one thing at a time... so yay!!!

I've been writing a lot more than drawing these days, so bare with me.

When you have school, a story, homework, jazz band, Shakespeare troupe, and drawings to do... they come slowly and only parts at a time T.T

So that's why I might not have many drawings coming out as fast as I would have enjoyed them to... but I did a treat for this week and drew two drawings with speedpaint videos before I went back to writing today.

I was thinking about doing a few livestream videos sometime in the next few months... tell me what you think, okay? ^^

Love Ya all! Bye, bye!
After two whole weeks of waiting, I finally have it!

The stupid UPS people don't understand the agony of waiting for two weeks for something to travel across the sea and across the country! I swear that this drawing tablet has seen more of the US than I have!

I started working right away last night, so I have some drawings to post and a hell of a lot more to post later!
    It's not a Wacom... but it's just as nice! It'll be here between January tenth and January fourteenth if the shipping date doesn't get changed again >.> After that I will be posting more and more pictures and finally taking my drawing skills up a notch from using the crappy mouse to draw all of my other pictures that will look like crap after this XD

   All of my commissions will start to be finished and uploaded as well as the originals sent to their respective owners. I CAN'T WAIT FOR FRIDAY!!!!!

   Lookie at me going on some crazy drawing streak and making my teachers worry about my sanity sometimes... *///*  Ah well, can't be helped now can it?

    I hope to get A TON of new drawing in after that then! I hope you look forward to them and enjoy them as much as I will!
For those of you who actually read my journals, I'm sorry for not updating anything or posting stuff in nearly two months! I was a bit busy with school and am currently awaiting my bamboo wacom tablet with a splash pen that I should be getting for Christmas. After Christmas I will probably post a TON of sketches and doodles that I will be doing to get used to the wacom. When I finally get good at using it, I will continue my comic and post more of my OC's and stuff...

BTW: Anyone who wants a birthday commish around a month after Christmas will get to chose what they want for free! Look forward to the button on my deviant page then! 
I've been doing a lot of animations lately, so I think I will continue with doing some of those now that I know how to! ^^

Tomorrow (August 12th) I won't be able to post the next comic page for Lucifer's Beginning, though it should have been done today. "Don't hurt me!" *cowers*
I have a dentist's appointment and am having to get either a drilling or a root canal, they're not sure yet >.>

First off, I HATE needles... they have to stick a freakin' needle in my mouth before painfully getting my tooth drilled =.=
Secondly, I have to go up an elevator to get to the dentist's office where I will be getting my tooth drilled... I HATE elevators and hights!!!
Luckily, my mother will be driving instead of my father... My dad's driving is chaos >.<

So good luck to me with that, but I won't be able to eat solid food until my fillings set if I get a drilling... not sure about a root canal, never had one before 0.0

Hopefully I can bribe my parents into getting me lots and lots of pudding! I want to do a drawing for that trip, but afterwards I won't really be in the mood for it =.=

So tomorrow will probably be a "watch anime all evening and forget about what just happened" kind of day. Afterwards I hope to post the newest page of Lucifer's Beginning (I haven't even started the page yet... =.= Too lazy this week *runs away*)... then I might post a drawing of my OC (who I consider to represent myself!) enduring the same fate that I would have just went through. There might be a BIG needle and the dentist will probably look like a demon >;3

I'm SOOO nice to my OC's... aren't I? *smiles evilly and starts to laugh manically*

Then I might color that non-colored animation that I posted not long ago (7 or 8 pm on August 11th)... so look forward to all of those!!! ^^
I got a few new programs for on my laptop so that I can do more stuff! ^^

There's an animating program called MonkeyJam, an art program called ArtWeaver4 (for its brushes XD) and I found a site that makes the program's brushes so hopefully I can also install some of them on SAI.

Thanks for all the reviews and look forward to a short, basic animation later! XD ^^
I was thinking that maybe I should do a vent art. Blood and gore are something I rather enjoy with my art and I was wondering what all you guys had in mind. It'll be like a commission without pay. Essentially it will be a vent art using parts from everyone's comments to make a wolf vent art collage-thingy... So yeah, comment on this journal entry if you have anything in mind.

Also, I was wondering if I should work on scanning some of my traditional art and posting it as well. It might take a while to do it since the scanner only scans one paper at a time and I am only allowed to upload a scan onto the computer at a time or it crashes.... -.-  I don't enjoy my scanner but will give it a try. If all else fails, I'll just have to use my phone's camera to take a picture... but the phone camera doesn't do as nice of a job as the scanner does D:
Got a few of them to scan, so we're all good! Look forward to more when my sister and mother aren't monopolizing the computer with the scanner~ XD
I wanted to show all of you on DA a blood covered rose that I finished the other day. Since blood is scarlet and roses are typically red, I changed it up a bit so that the rose was white and the blood showed up a bit more XD

Anyway, look forward to all of this within the next two weeks or so! :D  Keep Watching!
Update!!: The the third page of Lucifer's beginning is going to have to be belated a week or two due to circumstances at home... I deeply apologize for those of you who have been waiting to read the first page of the first chapter. I'll try to get in as much time as I can on it so that it will be up before the end of August... then postings every Sunday from then on unless I say otherwise in my journal... for those of you who actually read the dang thing.
I am changing my deviant ID to be more... digital... So here goes nothing! Look forward to it! It will be good... I promise!

So my new Deviant ID is up! Time to work on Lucifer!

Also, I was thinking of doing a pic of Lucifer from my new comic, Lucifer's Beginning: A Wolf's Tale
Yes, a comic... in a while I'll be posting an edited version of a comic that I am thinking of starting. I'll do the first introduction pages before posting, and add a page weekly for the rest... how's that sound?

The comic will be of the following:

Title: Lucifer's Beginning: A wolf's Tale
Author: Scarlet Cherry Blossoms (Scarlet CB/Me)
Editor: My mother...
Bio: What if Lucifer was actually an angel before he became a demon? Why would he have became a demon then? This is the story of how Lucifer was raised and why he became the demon that he is today. The tale follows all of his hardships and what he had to deal with as a child, as well as his many adventures.

This is all for those of you who actually take the time to read my journal... you guys get a preveiw!! Thanks for being there for me through all of my time here on DeviantArt!

Arigato Minna!


Alright! Title page and the first two pages are up! That's it for the introduction pages, so look forward to the next page every Sunday!
One of my friends wrote a song for his electric guitar and played it for my school during a talent show last year, so I've been wanting to make a cover for it.

His song is called Cloudy Skies, but the tune is rather fast and furious. So what do you guys think I should do... I want to do lightning with dark clouds on a medium-ish blue sky. Do you think that would be alright? Or should I do more than one copy with different styles so he can chose the one he likes the most?

Comment if you have any suggestions! Thanks as always! ^^
I'm fairly new at using Paint Tool SAI, so I don't really know how to use it well.

Every time I go to do a new sketch and make something, I sit here waiting for my mom or sister to walk in while my person's face is completely green. Since I don't know how to use the tools correctly, I gave up, resulting in me painting areas an ugly green as an undertone and doing a clipping to color and shade. While I was doing my angry wolf and KHR Tsunayoshi Sawada, I had his face completely green and was just waiting for one of them to walk into my room, look at the computer, and ask "Why is his face green?"

Luckily they have yet to enter my room while I'm doing that. ^^ I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they do though! XD
I am now accepting any commission! Even if it isn't something that I normally do, I will try it out anyway!

Here's a list of the things that I have at home...
  1. Crayola Markers (blah! I want copics markers! D:)
  2. Paint Tool SAI
  3. Watercolor Pencils
  4. Graphite
  5. Pastels (if I ask to use my mom's)
  6. Oil Pastels (hate em')
  7. Charcoal
  8. Acrylics
Konichiwa (hello in Japanese), my name is Scarlet Cherry Blossoms. I want to thank you for visiting my page and reading this. I'll tell you a bit about myself and how I came into drawing like I do. Here it is...

First is the bit about myself. I like Gummy Bears and Gourmet Lollipops. They're my favorite candies. I would love to take some kendo lessons, but there are none in America. I own a replica sword and love anime/mangas. There are a lot of animes out there that I have not watched yet and mangas I have not read, but I am working on reading a lot of them! Let's see, I love fast cars/motorcycles and swords. My favorite animal is the wolf and my favorite color is white. I play a violin and a flute.

To tell you how I came into drawing the way I do... When I was young, my mother would draw portraits of famous people and my family. I envied her drawing abilities and wanted to draw the way she did, like any other child, I wanted to be like her in every way. So I told her what my dream was and she bought me a drawing tablet and a few drawing books. Going from the stick figures and fat horses of my childhood to the anime people and anime wolves I do now wasn't an easy task. I would draw for hours every day that I could hold a sharpened pencil in my hand. My peers and teachers could tell which papers were mine since I "doodled", as they put it, on my papers. Constantly getting either praised for how cute it looked or getting yelled at for drawing in class was something I soon got used too. To this very day I still have my teachers up my butt about drawing in class or drawing on my papers. Now that I am better though, I get asked to do birthday pictures for friends.

Now my sister bugs me every now and then on how I am so good at drawing, unlike her. So if you have a recommendation of an anime/manga, comment to me. If you want me to do a commission for you, I'll be glad to do one. Just remember that there will be a watermark on it unless you actually buy it from the site or ask me to send you the original copy (only for those who commissioned it!). Do remember to always have fun in life and take a few risks, otherwise you might not go anywhere!

~Scarlet CB~

I can do watercolor, colored pencil, crayon, marker, and computer styled commissions. I am not so go at the computer ones since I just got a program to make better computer drawings, but I'm not horribly bad at them either. Also, my scanner hates me, which is why I don't have more on my page yet, but hopefully I can make it work out sometime soon!