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Female Ninja

Drawing of the Legendary Typo Ninja ^__^ (inside joke)
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Nice, she's awesome 
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wow she looks good
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So I stumbled across this picture something like 6 years ago (well before i had an account), and i used it as inspiration to basically prompt me back into art after a long dry spell.
eventually the drawing i made turned into my first OC (represented in my little icon thingy).
also this helped me realize that drawing belly buttons is so much fun.
I seriously cannot thank you enough for being such a rad artist.
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Thanks :) really touches me to hear something I drew years ago as inspiration :D
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This pic is SLAMMIN'. My friend is totally a ninja and this reminds me of her.

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Hello I am a college student who is doing a animation assignment. I really like your drawing and i wanted to use it in my assignment. The assignment teaches you how to draw animation on illustrator. I would like it very much if i could have the permission to use it =) =) =) =)
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beautifully.....I want to copy to yourself...
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Epic ninja drawing she's pretty :)
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THanks everyone for the nice comments :)
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ohhhh she is so beutifully
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hoooo Its design is pretty much like the ninja girl, and beautiful
:spyed: :w00t:
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She screams "ninja" just looking at her =P hehehe
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wonderful drawing.
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it's wonderfully drawn
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Wow! This is such a nice talent!
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awesome work!! \m/
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awesome, it's not like those slutty ninjas that people draw.
like i said, awesome
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Beautiful... Simply Beautiful...
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