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Batman and Robin

Who is Batman ?

I drew this to be Dick Grayson as Batman and of course, Damian Wayne as Robin.
But when a reboot comics release... Dick won't be Batman anymore.
I'm so sad with that. I like Bruce as Batman but I still miss this Dynamic Duo, Dick and Damian.
I hope there will be some way that make Robin meet Nightwing.

Again, I don't know what group I should post. You can add it wherever it suppose to be. TvT
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Damian's Shoes,Gloves, Boots and Mask are all the wrong color. You need to pay a lot more attention.
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It's fan art.  The artist has the creative license to change whatsoever they choose.
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Very nicely drawn - would you consider submitting this to my group, TheGothamFiles? ( I've just created it, and I'm trying to fill it with the best artwork I can find, and this DEFINITELY fits the bill. :) (Smile)
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Hi there, I think your art piece is really awesome. I work as a co-editor for Caped Crusades another site. It's a website dedicated to all things Batman and I would like to use your piece for our fanart of the week post. We would of course give you full credit for the work in the post. My email is let me know if you're interested in letting us post your piece.
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The line work was awesome as it was, but you added color and really brought the picture to life! I adore the pose and expression on Damian, it's just perfect! Love 
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This is awesome! ♥
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I love the way you drawing Demian!! He's just great!!
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love this two guys!
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Dick and Damian! *w* my fav♥
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awesome, damian looks great!
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está excelenteee!
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this is so amazing!
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Holy Crap! Damian is smiling! Awesome Job!
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love :) woah my name is scarlet haha ;)
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i love this :) woah my name is scarlet :) hahaha nice
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