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Schoolgirl Dash + Speedpaint

Commission for :iconihavenonick: ^.^

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Tsundere Dash! I really like how you gave her stockings, which makes her outfit even more adorable!
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Tsundere Dashie ftw~
Mecha-Dragon101's avatar
School girl outfits is now my new fav thing <3
SilverQuiII's avatar
This thing is so Kawaii!MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy 
TheNorthRemembers3's avatar
Cuteness ... OVerload... >DED< XD. 
DoughnutJoe's avatar
Well she did deny that she was kicked out of flight school. Maybe she quit because she didn't like the uniforms. :)
BB-K's avatar
Looks like she blushes, maybe don't like being a cute schoolgirl with a skirt?
jyroman53's avatar
>Now tsunderehoers is really a tsunderehoers !
LeSupremeDalek's avatar
Oh my gosh! YEEEEESSSSSSS! I love when people draw school-filly Dashie! There are only like two good pics of this that I know of....
templar127's avatar
Such kawaii-ness!!
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Good thing there's no Tobu or NoCopyrightSounds!
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So cute lil rainbow :3
MGOUriel's avatar
Would she be a tsundere or kuudere?
Either way, still kawaii
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KittyBelli24's avatar
Hoo she looks so adorable >3<
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