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Rainbow Powers


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Honestly this is what they should’ve looked like during the whole show....This is amazing
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It drawed in paint tool sai
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nice! what do you use to paint?
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The Magic of Friendship at its most powerfulHeart +fav Heart +fav !!!
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Perfection at its finest!
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It's been a long time since I saw the Mane 6 with their rainbow powers forms.
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Hey what program do you use? I saw the speedpaint and it looks a bit like Firealpaca but its not the same as my firealapaca system.
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She uses SAI, I'm pretty sure. 
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This is really amazing. Though it makes me wonder why the rainbow powers have never been seen again. 
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I found this through the speedpaint! I was wondering, how do you  do your lines? I couldn't tell in the video if you're drawing them all, or if for some of the big ones (like legs and manes) if you're using a line tool.
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I LOVE IT Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
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I haven't been keeping up with this show, have they used the Rainbow Power at ALL since they used it on Tirek?
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Awesome! :la: It is SO hard to find good, show-accurate art of the Mane 6 in their Rainbow Powers. This is honestly the best piece of Rainbow Power fanart I've ever seen.
Thank you, Equestria Daily, for bring this to my attention!
(P.S. May I use this picture as my desktop background?)
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This drawing is SOO good
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