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Power Ponies + Speedpaint

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I saw this speedpaint a lot of time but is so awesome!!!!!
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Man, I wish I'd create a back story for these six.

Still, awesome work! ;)
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It's fabulouss !!!!!!!!!!, :D :D :D, you  have an impressive manage of Paint tools , liked your vid., really did it dude :) :) :).
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Well, I'm glad that you decided to finish it. It looks great!
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Glad that you gone through it and made us this wonderful piece.

Awesome work Go Power Ponies! GO!
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Go go, Power Ponies.

Damn you catchy Power Rangers theme song.
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Awesome!  Great job.
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EEEEEEE!!! /)^3^(\ so bucking awesome uwu
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Most of the Power Ponies anyway. I can't seem to find the character who took center stage in that episode. Has Humdrum acquired the power of invisibility?
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that looks amazing great job :3
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*when you get MLP flashbacks to when Flurry Heart didn't happen* AGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH the good ol' Mlp days
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will you draw them separately that would be sweet if you do
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Oh my god, this looks INCREDIBLE!!!
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