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Nightmare Moon Vs Daybreaker + Speedpaint


Edit: The speedpaint should be up now! sorry about that, I accidently scheduled them to upload at different times ^^;
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Awesome and cool!
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Oh my god, this is absolutely amazing!!!
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What program did you use?
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Ponyball : Battle of Alicorns!
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This is gorgeous... And finally my favorite character has an evil side too XD
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You should read the comics. She has an evil counterpart in a mirror world where King Sombra is good and Luna and Celestia and the Mane Six are evil. 
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Beautiful! the shading is amazing x
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lol I'm watching the speedpaint of this right now very well done <3
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It looks like their combined power is ripping a black hole in the universe.
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Can I make an base out of this?  If not that alright.
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AHAHA i love it it is so beautiful ahahah i am crying i love it so much ahah i watched it 
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