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Yay i gave her a name with the help of PokemonTrainerCloud :)

She is adventurous and always on the move, prefers to travel alone. At first glance she seems to have a serious and unapproachable attitude, but can be down to earth, protective and would never betray someone she trusts. She tends to be reckless, and when she makes a decision there's nothing that can change her mind. She doesn't have a particular goal in mind for her travels, at the beginning, she wanted to find where she truly belonged but somewhere along the road she began to just want to travel the world beyond where anypony has ever been.

One day when passing through a forest she came across a young filly. ( have not designed or named this pony yet ) Concerned, she asked the filly where his parents were and how he got in the forest, but he had amnesia and he didn't seem to remember anything, not even his name, all he knew was that he was unconscious and woke there two days beforehand. He seemed somewhat intimidated but at the same time intrigued. Assuming he couldn't have come from very far, she took him to the last village she passed through and began asking around if anyone knew anything about him but no pony seemed to have a clue. Nor did he recognize any part of the village. Eventually, she found someone who was willing to take the pony in for the time being and assured that he stay with them. She stayed in the village for the night and the next morning as she was getting ready to leave the filly was right there. He seemed to have taken a liking to her and would not stop following her no matter how many times she told him that he'd be safer in the village. Eventually, despite preferring to travel alone, she gave in and let him tag along. He was oblivious to the fact that he had no idea where he came from, who is family was or anything and didn't seem to be interested in finding out anything about his past anyway. He would constantly ask her questions, sometimes the most ridiculous of questions. Usually ended with her giving short, straightforward answers. He wasn't intimidated whatsoever anymore. Overtime, she continues to travel as he continues to grow up along her side. Hes learned from her, everything she knows and everything she does. Watching this pony grow up beside her, she soon realized a lot of things about herself. Heck, this pony may know more about her than even she does. Years pass by, and sometimes she wonders how things even got this way, even if on the outside it looks the same as before, shes still traveling except the only difference is that she isn't alone. but it really isn't that simple, because the one day that she ventured into the forest and met this filly unexpectedly changed her life, and she wouldn't do a thing to change it.

I'll get around to naming her aaand designing the little filly. :)
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Also minor point out. It's Colt for young male ponies, not filly (that's a baby mare's term) ^^ She's still amazing as always
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Thanks and yeah I didn't know at the time lol ^^;
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No prob, just a helping pony passing through -giggles-
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She's beautiful! I would so go on an adventure any day with this beautiful mare.
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This is so amazing!! Very Awesome design!
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Awesome! I love her hair, so pretty! I like the depth and originality of her. 
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