Some setbacks

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I know I don't update my DA journal much. It's probably because I'm more of a Facebook whore and I prefer to keep my personal life just that: personal. Also, I refuse to pay DA for features I can get for free elsewhere (journal themes, posting images, etc).

However! I have some small news that is relevant to my art and DA. About a month ago, the hard drive I used to store all my media (i.e. over 14,000 of my original photos) died. I had no backup. Silly, I know. But I learnt my lesson. I went through the freak out/mental breakdown stage, then the 'maybe it'll be ok' stage, and finally accepting that I won't ever get my photos back. I sent it to a Data Recovery company who told me the drive was royally, physically screwed and would require in excess of AU$2200 to get my stuff back. This coincided with a bunch of other software issues, meaning a complete reformat was in order. So now I have an elaborate backup system in place, and I'll never make the same mistake again. I'm somewhat fortunate though, because I still have the photos I edited. Just not the originals, and not the ones I hadn't got around to editing.

So. Lesson for today folks: back up your stuff! My computer is up and running now so I'll be adding some new (well, new to you - it's been on my computer for a bit while I was getting it sorted out) stuff real soon.
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Oh bugger that sucks!

Excuse to take more photo's?
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Yeah, pretty much :P