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Camera Shutter Vector


© Brooke Ottley 2008.

I, Brooke Ottley, am the copyright holder of this work.

A stylized vector camera shutter I created for my tattoo. Please note that this file is no longer available for download in vector format, as too many people have abused the conditions of the Creative Commons license I assigned to it. This includes the group 'Forty Sixty Photo', which I am NOT affiliated with and has been ILLEGALLY selling my work since about 2010.

If you see this design used in commercial contexts, please know that this use is ILLEGAL and report it to me so I may take action. The only exceptions are Orange Rhyme Photography and Kayme Clark Photography & Design, who did the right thing and licensed their usage from me.

See the completed tattoo here.
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Hi scarlet,

fount your aperture silhoutte and would like to license it for our "Business"-cards. Where Business does not mean we're professional photographers but are amateur photographers.

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Sorry, but that's still commercial use and I am not open to licensing this work at this point.
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can u give me  ai file

xixaw-rahat's avatar
dont see any download option. theres only "download image" option here
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That's because DeviantART's uploader won't allow me to submit a vector file, only a preview thumbnail. Probably due to this deviation being so old.
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reminds me of the portal game
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that good ...............
I never thought of having a Shutter as a tattoo, but it looks soo cool. Is there any chance you can email me the Vector file, I would love to also have a tattoo of this, but on my upper arms.

thank you =)
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I can't see the download link... :(
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"This vector file is no longer available for download under Creative Commons as too many people have abused the conditions of the license."
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Cool! Would you mind basically describing how you made it? I am having trouble making one myself.
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is it ok if i use this as part of a school assignment? i will credit you and everything, it will only be uploaded here and marked by my lecturer, no money will be made or anything :)
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Sure! You don't need to ask if your usage satisfies the CC Attribution-Noncommercial license, but I appreciate it anyway. If you could link me through a comment on this deviation to the finished piece on DA, it'd be great. Thanks!
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Sure thing! it's a work in progress at the moment but i will be submitting it on here after i finish and before i hand in my actual copy :)
will certainly comment you to let you know :)

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Hey Brooke, I simply loved this vector too!
I was looking for a design to represent my profession. I am a photographer and I have a photographic studio in Brazil. I'd love to know if you let me tattoo thist too? I hope you do not mind. I would be happy if you allow me
scarlet-rain's avatar
Hi Henayse. Tattooing is fine, but I'll turn down the logo because I think of it as commercial use. More and more people are asking to use it as a logo anyway. You might want to try something more unique?
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Is it ok if I use it for my business card design? Altough it say "business", I'm an amateur photographer and I won't make money from my art (at least for now). I need the card to make contact with new models, stylists, make up artists, etc.
scarlet-rain's avatar
Sure. I'm happy to support a fellow photographer :)
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Would love to have this inked on me somewhere!

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I say the same as MR-BRlGHTSlDE, can I ink this as well? :)
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Yonazarith's avatar
One year later... Here's a pic of it :)

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