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I never saw another butterfly

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Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Never forget.

Inspired by the poem "I never saw another butterfly"
by Pavel Friedman.

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D: awww~ so sad </3 but so beautiful <3
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Wow. It's so sad...
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This is absolutely heart-breaking and beautiful. :heart: Even the way you look into the camera is so heavy and sad..
I really don't want to criticize because this is absolutely stunning (I could never ever do something even remotely as awesome as this!) but in the poem the butterfly is yellow.. please don't kill me. :'c I love the blue one and it goes well with your eye color but just wanted to point that out. 
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Thank you for your compliments, glad you like it!
About your critism- of course I know the butterfly in the poem is yellow, I know this poem by heart since I was a little girl. But I chose to paint it blue and white for symbolic reasons. Yellow is assosiated with the holocaust because of the yellow star of David that all the jews had to wear... I chose to give my eye-painting more hopeful interpretation by painting the butterfly in the colors of the Israeli flag, and also blue is more fresh and hopeful ang magical color to my opinion. This is my own interpretation of the song, it's not illustrating it, only inspired by, so I took the freedom to change the color. 
Thank you again! :) 
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It's very interesting to hear your thoughts behind this beautiful make-up, gives even more meaning to it. Keep up the good work! :aww:
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It's really pretty looking with a powerful message behind it
Good job
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Thank you very much :)
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I'm not sure if the part under your eye was meant to be ash, but if so, that hits me like a dagger right in the heart. God bless the Greatest Generation, aka the Allied Forces who saved as many as they could back then and saved the world from Hitler.
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Yes, it's supposed to resemble ash.
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Wow! Chill bumps!
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