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Just to let anyone know, I will be working Tattoo Jam this year and still have free space for appointments. I don't post much tattoo work up here anymore, but you can check out my recent work over on myspace:

I am hoping to do small pieces that can be done in one hit. So if you have any ideas that are small and fun then shot me a message either on here or on myspace. I check myspace more often than here.

Preferred areas would be legs and arms, shoulders, top of backs. No necks, hands, stomachs or ribs!

Thank you!
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So, firstly hello to everyone that has continued to visit my page and favourite and leave very nice comments! I can't reply to them all, as I have not been active on DA for absolutely fecking ages, for which I apolygise, but life goes on...

Tattooing takes up much of my time these days and the time that isn't taken up with that is taken up with pandering to my cats needs and keeping Mr Monkeydeathcult entertained. So if you hate me for not replying to you, feel free to blame him! ;p

I would like to state that I am not taking on any commission work, requests or any such art work related things so although I extremely appreciate the compliment that you may pay me by liking my work enough to ask me to do something for you, I must graciously decline and perhaps point you in the direction of someone more worthy of the job.

During my time away from DA, I have been thinking long and hard about my art. Tattooing is now my full time job and as art and creating images has always been a way to relax and release those inner demons, I have thus decided that doing commission art work is counter productive to my sanity. Not only as I am extremely useless at meeting deadlines, my paintings are personal and I can not create art of this nature on demand.

Hopefully by this point if you are still reading then you will not think of me as a pretenious arsehole. I am not, I am just a lazy hermit and trying to keep my head and life as stress free as possible :)

I might start posting some work again though, although probably not anymore tattoos.

Other news that is exciting my bones...
I am leanring to drive, and although it scares the crap out of me it is also all the fun and one day I will either own a smart car monster truck or black 1950's Ford Sedan with red leather interior :D

I am very lucky enough to be working Tattoo Jam (UK tattoo convention in sunny op north land of Doncaster) this year with my buddy Mr Mat Bone! So I will be looking to do small, quick fun pieces of trad-y goodness over that weekend!
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2 min read
Um yeah, totally forgot I had a deviantart account until I signed in about 2 mins ago and hit a wall of endless messages...whoops.

So any favs and watches, I thank you kindly for the time you have taken to look at my page and check out my work, I can't thank everyone individually as I just don't have the time right now, but be sure I am very grateful for the support!

Work has been so stupidly busy at the moment, due to the season, I haven't been able to produce any new works for ages as it's all stuff to be drawn for work and not for pleasure right now.

If you've sent me a note, I will eventually work my way through them, so please be patient.

Please note, I tattoo full time, therefore if you want something drawn up then go to your tattooist to do it. There is no chance in hell that it would be physically possibly for me to design you a sleeve or body suit. Not to mention that your eventual choosen tattooer would want to do their own thing, not copy directly someone elses work. So please remember this before asking me ;) I am flattered that you like my work, but I have a cat to feed and a flat to keep over my head so do not at this time have time to work on tattoo designs for people.

Will hopefully get back on the art ball some time in the non too distant future and will endevour to try and look on here more often!
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Been awhile....

3 min read
So yep, haven't been on DA very much at all over the last few months. This is more than likely down to being bat shit crazy busy at work and also suffering from a very annoying long artistic block where I could not even bare to look at a paint brush. A few other pleasant distractions have been occuring in the personal life, which I guess if it wasn't for being on DA in the first place wouldn't be happening at all ;) So although I have a few issues with DA these days (ie, the sheer amount of people ripping other people off and not contributing to the community, blah blah blah), I must be thankful.

So, the art front... Well got some new work done after the dreaded block of rubbishness. Still a bit hit and miss with that, but oh well such is life. Also got asked to do a couple of projects for some up and coming book projects which has been taking up a fair amount of my time. I am doubtful whether I will actually get my pics in, but it was well worth the challenge as have been doing some new things that I haven't tried before.

Gonna be taking a dive on the personal projects for the moment as working on some flash for the studio, more so to keep my sanity intact and try and get some of that old school flavour onto the bodies of the people of tottenham!

Tattooing then...well been about 2 years now since I started and what a rollercoaster ride it's been. Still can't quite get my head around it all, but gotta keep perserving!

Thats about it really... more than likely still going to be pretty quite on here as I'm on myspace more. So to all the people that have very kindly faved and watched me, thank you! I can't find the time to get round to replying to all the favs, but they are very gratefully appreciated!

P.S...after a relaxed browse around DA, I realised that there are in fact quite a few scum sucking sons of guns out there ripping off work. Quite a few that I know of too. So my uncreative pretties I am keeping an eye on you, as ripping art from real artists who spend all their time and creative effort making the original stuff in the first place is definitely not cool! It is people like you that make me not want to post up new stuff on here anymore, so thanks for that. If you are indeed mentally challenged enough to rip my stuff then I will burn your hands off!
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And again...

2 min read
I just want to say thanks for all the millions of messages and favs you lovely people have given to my work. Unfortunately I started to reply to them all and thank everyone personally, but DA thinks I am trying to spam you all, so am gonna have to just say a huge thank you here instead. So please do not be offended if I haven't left you a message on your page, the message overload has pretty much seen to that one! Plus I work all the time so just don't have the time to reply to every fav, so apolygies again, although I wil try to work my way through the other messages so bear with me! Gonna start a fresh with the messages this week so to all previous visitors I really appreciate your support and favs and watchs.

Other stuff then as have been a been slack on here as of late due to last weekend working my first tattoo convention at Tattoo Jam here in the UK, and more precisely in moderately sunny for a brief period, Wales. So yeah have been whiling away the last 2 weeks getting my artwork together and creating my first sketchbook, which won't be for sale as it was more of a personally flash thing for me to use there if need be. I will however in the future be getting some flash sorted when I have the time which will be based on the sketchbook shit. So yeah more thanks goes to the wonderful Thou Art team for having me on their stand and of course to the cheeky Mr MDC for keeping me sane and providing me with a weekend of awesomeness!

Even more other stuff...will be giving the personal art projects a rest for a few weeks as pretty much exhausted myself on that one in the weeks previous. But fear not, there is much more wrong  to come out of my head in the very near future :)
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