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Um yeah, totally forgot I had a deviantart account until I signed in about 2 mins ago and hit a wall of endless messages...whoops.

So any favs and watches, I thank you kindly for the time you have taken to look at my page and check out my work, I can't thank everyone individually as I just don't have the time right now, but be sure I am very grateful for the support!

Work has been so stupidly busy at the moment, due to the season, I haven't been able to produce any new works for ages as it's all stuff to be drawn for work and not for pleasure right now.

If you've sent me a note, I will eventually work my way through them, so please be patient.

Please note, I tattoo full time, therefore if you want something drawn up then go to your tattooist to do it. There is no chance in hell that it would be physically possibly for me to design you a sleeve or body suit. Not to mention that your eventual choosen tattooer would want to do their own thing, not copy directly someone elses work. So please remember this before asking me ;) I am flattered that you like my work, but I have a cat to feed and a flat to keep over my head so do not at this time have time to work on tattoo designs for people.

Will hopefully get back on the art ball some time in the non too distant future and will endevour to try and look on here more often!
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heh erm that would be a no for london too lol sorry hun im just fucking swamped,and this is the first time ive been here since i typed at you heh im crap :)....i have no idea how people draw stuff that is not for a tattoo thats up and comming ive been trying to finish a horror painting i started nearly a year ago and it just never going to get done that also includeds a stich i started on my leg 3 years ago and darth maul on my arm ,,,how the hell do you do it heh :),,,been trying to find new people for the studio too and just dont have the time for that ,,,why are there not 9 days in a week :)
welcome back to the land of the fudgemonkeys ,,,,in short hadnt actually noticed you had gone ,,,,but to be fair 4 months in tattoo time is like 4 days so i carnt be held responcable for that :P
or for my spelling it seems heh :P
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haha! nice to hear from you too! Are you going to be at any conventions this year fella? Myself and Mr monkeydeathcult plus motley crew from the studio will be at tattoo jam for the friday
was at liverpool hun but im in japan again for the jam so wont be there sorry :(
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ohh ya lucky sod! Hope you had a fantastic time. Will we get to to say hello at London this weekend?
Please start doing print's I have two ung drill frames to fill and my heart is set on two of your pieces to fill them...
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Well I'm having a slow year so far, but am working on some new stuff so will be doing prints again soon I think. If I get enough interest the royal blood one will be a print for sure as it fits thats frame! I don't do DA prints though, so let me know which ones you like :)

I was after prints of Royal Blood and Wave Goodbye, hoping that they'd both fit into the ung drill frames.

Let me know

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Oh sweet!
I am getting prints done of Royal Blood this weekend, if you check out my myspace blog here [link]

for more details. The wave goodbye one is only A3 so wouldn't fit that frame, and I am not doing prints of that one, but maybe doing some more oval paintings in the future.

Btw, just out of randomness, are you on the Skin Deep forum as your user name rings a bell?
Shame about the wave goodbye, I love that pic. But in answer to your random question, I am, was going to PM you on the forum this weekend...
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Don't you hate when that happens? Months or years later your sitting there and that thought pops up, "You know you haven't checked your account in a long time." :rofl:

It happens, life gets busy.

Speaking for myself I'm a patient sort so when you post, be it tomorrow or next year, I'll be around to show some fave love:D
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To be honest, I'm not too bothered, but I always made a habit of saying thanks. Oh well.
Thank you!
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Good habit. Your welcome:wave:
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Not too mention its too bloody hot most of the time to do anything 'cept complain about how hot it is! :hug:
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But complaining is what I do best! It's cooler now so we should be ok.
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hope you decide to post some more ... your work is awsome
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aw thanks. To be honest, will still post the occassional thing, but most of my work just goes up on the ol myspac now. Probably won't be posting any tattoo work up, just keep it to the paintings.
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