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So, firstly hello to everyone that has continued to visit my page and favourite and leave very nice comments! I can't reply to them all, as I have not been active on DA for absolutely fecking ages, for which I apolygise, but life goes on...

Tattooing takes up much of my time these days and the time that isn't taken up with that is taken up with pandering to my cats needs and keeping Mr Monkeydeathcult entertained. So if you hate me for not replying to you, feel free to blame him! ;p

I would like to state that I am not taking on any commission work, requests or any such art work related things so although I extremely appreciate the compliment that you may pay me by liking my work enough to ask me to do something for you, I must graciously decline and perhaps point you in the direction of someone more worthy of the job.

During my time away from DA, I have been thinking long and hard about my art. Tattooing is now my full time job and as art and creating images has always been a way to relax and release those inner demons, I have thus decided that doing commission art work is counter productive to my sanity. Not only as I am extremely useless at meeting deadlines, my paintings are personal and I can not create art of this nature on demand.

Hopefully by this point if you are still reading then you will not think of me as a pretenious arsehole. I am not, I am just a lazy hermit and trying to keep my head and life as stress free as possible :)

I might start posting some work again though, although probably not anymore tattoos.

Other news that is exciting my bones...
I am leanring to drive, and although it scares the crap out of me it is also all the fun and one day I will either own a smart car monster truck or black 1950's Ford Sedan with red leather interior :D

I am very lucky enough to be working Tattoo Jam (UK tattoo convention in sunny op north land of Doncaster) this year with my buddy Mr Mat Bone! So I will be looking to do small, quick fun pieces of trad-y goodness over that weekend!
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Heya! Congrats on Swallows n daggers etc.. I hear you on the commission work! I need to learn to say no more often :/ Keeping up with customer drawings is hard enough!
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Hey! Why thank you very much, I was a bit surprised at that to be honest as they didn't ask so was a bit like 'ohhh'.
it is a tricky one on the commissions, but I think I made the right decision. I don't get asked that often, but when I was it was for things that I don't really draw anyway, so what's the point! Too much stress trying to please everyone, and drawing for my tattoo customers comes first. Plus your right, it is damn hard enough! ;)

Your new paintings are truely scrumptious btw! So much detail, you must have the patience of a saint! Are you planning anymore trips over here? I am still extremely jealous of that piece you did on Jon (mr mdc)!
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Aw thanks ^_^ We're just playing around with different styles n stuff ya know :) I still gotta send you photo's of that piece I did based on your flash. I only have shitty photo's but you get the idea ha.

I know what you mean about trying to please everyone, I'm learning to say no ha.

I really wanted to come back this year, but it hasn't worked out :/ My boss and I are keen to do London convention next year though! We both have British passports to it's a hell of a lot less stressful than the US ha. I'd love to get something from you too! ^_^
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Hey! Glad to see you back!
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Aloha lady! Well back of sorts, still not posting anything at the present, but at least managing to reply to things! How are you doing? Hope your not working too hard ;)
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I'm working kinda hard....not as hard as I'd like actually. I secretly wish to be anti comissions. I feel it in my far off future. I want to do my own thang for bit! :)
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