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+Memento Mori+

Finally! After months of this damn thing being firstly in my head and secondly on the sketches heap I got it done.
It didn't turn out how I expected, would of liked to use some more fancy filigree type work in it to bump up the victoriany mourning element, but I did the background too dark so it didn't work.
This was actually really hard as I suck so bad at drawing horses that it took a few months of playing around (and top advice from my boss, Cilla who is the master horse lady!) to get it to this (which is as about as right as it can be for me). The horses were orginally larger than A3, but I wanted to fit them both on, so now they are about 1/4th their original size :)

Anyho... A3, watercolours, sharpies and ink
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I reminds me alot of Chris Conn
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impressionantemente old!!!!
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Im hands down in love with this. Like its ridiculous. How do you feel about people using your design for a tattoo, but not getting it done by you? I read that you dont have the flash for sale, but i love the idea of this tattoo, its like you took it from my own mind! Ive been thinking about a similar tattoo for awhile, but couldnt put it on paper. I dont wanna go stealing anything, so I wanna know what you think. Cause I wants it! lol
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Opps, really sorry the increbible late reply! Been off DA for awhile so been a bit swamped!

Um, as long as it isn't a painting/image that I am using for myself or for something personal then I don't have a problem as long as people ask first. I also appreciate a photo of the finished tattoo if you get it down, just because I am nosey and it is a pleasure to see people like my art so much they want to get it on their skin!
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wow, this is a really impressive work!
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Thank you! although is a bit of an oldy now, but I still like it!
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old but still great :)
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Hello there! This is amazing. How can I get your flashwork to my tattoostudio? I didn't find any information about using it and I don't want to be a thief. I really love this one.
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Hey and thank you! I currently don't have any flash for sale, but next year will be on the case with that one. I do occassionally sell fine art prints of some of my paintings that you can contact me about if interested. I like this too, am going to be having the horses tattooed on my own stomach in the future!
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Fantastice idea and really well executed. I really love this piece.
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thank you very kindly!
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Absolutely awesome.
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woow! great sheet!! O.o
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wow... awesome... the shadings are awesome...=D
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thanks so much!
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