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+For all the lovers+

....the gift that keeps on giving....

Brought to you by the anti-valentines syndicate ;)

Remember kids there is more to life than garage flowers and over priced stuffed tack!

P.S...chocolates in heart shaped boxes make you fat and undesirable ;p
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Feb 13, 2009, 10:54:29 PM
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Do you do prints of this? I would love to add a 5X7 of this to my collection. I've actually been looking for more prints for my bathroom. I think that this would be quite suiting for that room.
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This is great. It is always nice comical and or anti holiday artwork.
Scarlet-Hel's avatar
Oh you just wait to we get to christmas again, I hate that too!
DaOnlyOverlord's avatar
Can't wait to see what you come up with for that!:evillaugh:
number1jrae's avatar
hehe to awesome for words =]
hilarious! love it
Scarlet-Hel's avatar
many thanks, I am to please ;)
blood-stained-hands's avatar
i'll try not to! warning headed! nothin like having littel pinchers swinging off your pubes!
Scarlet-Hel's avatar
haha, thats if you have pubes that is! :shocked:
blood-stained-hands's avatar
true! a razor to them crabbies would be like a giant buldozer!
leighderhosen's avatar
Anything genital & crusty is just wrong. Thankyou for reminding me *cough*
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iamcaseychaos's avatar
oh my god. I love you for this, haha.

definitely fav'd ++
Scarlet-Hel's avatar
No no no, none of this love business hence the anti bit! ;)

Although I am surprised how many actually like crabs?!
TattooSavage's avatar
Hehehe! Brilliant! LOL
Scarlet-Hel's avatar
haha thanks, although was a real quick job but hopefully it gets the sentiment across :)
MalkavianDreams's avatar
haha nice! "She had crabs so bad they evolved into lobsters!"
Scarlet-Hel's avatar
eww, haha! Now that quote is gonna irritate me where the hell is it from?
MalkavianDreams's avatar
lol one of my friends said it one day while talking about some girl :lol:
Peggysue13's avatar
ahahaha terrible !!! :heart:
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