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Preorder period for Khitrula Fox and Raccoon Smuzhka is officially opened on!…

The price for each animal is 285 USD.
It comes nude, with faceup and body blushing, and with random 10 mm glass eyes.
Preorder ends on October 20th.

Khitrula Fox and Raccoon Smuzhka by scargeear
The head is sculpted by me and will be casted at DollShe craft.

Head circumference: 21,5 cm
Neck circumference: 10-11 cm
Suitable bodies: 65-70 cm
Eye size: 8-10 mm, low dome with small iris recommended.

Prices: $145 for main skintones, faceup order is also possible for an additional fee.
Preorder will end on May 15th.

More details on Etsy:…
or on my site:

Thomas v. 2.0 preorder by scargeear

Chris batch just arrived from DollShe craft.
I’m starting to send the parcels to those customers who purchased blank heads, and faceups will be done for those who ordered the faceup service.

Chris is available on my Etsy:…

More info about the mold is on my site:…
Chris heads batch arrival by scargeear

The preorder period for Chris is opened on Etsy. A special price during preorder period is $145. The preorder will be opened until 10 heads are reserved.…

Chris’s page on my site:…

Whispering Grass Chris prototype for casting by scargeear Chris faceup by scargeear

Before I joined BJD hobby I was an active LARP player and made a lot of awesome stuff for different roles. As I don't attend LARP anymore (due to my health issues) I decided to sell the items so they could be used properly again.
Please take a look:…
Dragon Gloves and Bracers by scargeear Leather flask by scargeear Wooden Dagger decorated with Leather by scargeear Leather Pouch by scargeear Spellbook by scargeear Ceramic bottle with leather harness by scargeear
Pale grey Manuna Mouse is now on preorder at JPopDolls!…
Price: 225 USD
Preorder ends January 15th.
Manuna Mouse Grey Edition by scargeear
Good news for everybody who is used to pay with PayPal only!
I opened a shop on Etsy:…

And I have an event: 3 faceup slots go at 50% discount!…
Sorry, people, but I'm done.
I'm asked this question too often, so I decided to write a post about materials used in my tutorials.

Dear people, 99% of my materials are bought locally, and I cannot say where you could find the same online! Before asking me try to ask Google, as because English is not my first, I always check what Google shows for the keywords I provide to be sure it's a right thing.

I usually state in my tutorials that you should look for what best suits you, you may search for a substitutes, because in the most cases there is no that one and only "wonderful" stuff that gives you exactly the result you need! A lot still depends on your skills and hands though. I usually do a certain amount of research on my materials before using them, I know their qualities, pros and cons - dear people, there is no easy way, you MUST do that too!

A really good stuff that I could remember buying online is Apoxie Sculpt. But I'm still asked WHERE TO BUY IT ONLINE? Damn, ask Google and you'll find its manufacturer Avesstudio, but maybe there is a local models&miniatures shop in your area that sells it in a small amounts, and you shouldn't pay that huge USPS shipping fee? I don't know that. And there's always Milliput, Magic Sculpt that generally give the same results.
See how it works?
The same for Saran fibers. There are plenty of sources to buy it online. But you may like another kind of synthetic hair better, who knows?

I'm often asked WHERE TO BUY LEATHER ONLINE? Still, Google is your help! I don't buy it online, I have a whole factory in my city which produces leather and has a small shop selling it. And they don't sell it online, surprise!
Try to go to the secondhand store: there are an old leather boots, bags, coats, so find one in a good shape and use it!

It takes so much of my time to create a thorough tutorial, to make photos in the process of making something - and craft people know how tiresome it is to interrupt the process for making the photos... I translate my descriptions to English that's not my native, I compose a huge image to keep everything in order. It's so much work. And honestly I want you to do your bit of work too, to read everything carefully, to do your research on the resources available to you, etc.

And a small note on my patterns. I never give a sewing instructions. In my tutorials I try to cover the areas that weren't properly covered before, like making a dollie boots, making a laced wig on a hard cap, etc., so I could offer anything innovative. While sewing is such a basic thing, and there are so many books written on the matter so I don't even bother with the stuff. My patterns are intended for people who have at least basic sewing skills and understanding of patterns.

I recently learned that in some *certain* countries seam allowances are already added to the pattern. I don't know for what reason this practice was implemented, and I consider that plain stupid, not less. Because different fabrics require different allowances, and if the fabric is tightly woven allowance is less, and if the fabric easily frays at the edges alloowance should be bigger. It's crucial in a dollie clothes where we try to keep the allowance as small as possible.
Allowances for my patterns are described here, in the folder description:…

I don't mark a pairs of details "x2" because it's obvious in most cases. Some details even need to be marked x4. I never bother doing this for myself because I have that ONE piece that I outline four times on the fabric.

It's been about 4 years since I post my patterns and tutorials for free. I tried to be polite and to answer all questions during this time. But my time is my money. I GIVE something FOR FREE, and my target audience is people who are able to TAKE it with a little to no guidance. Please respect my motives and choices. Since today I reserve a right for myself not to answer a certain questions but to just give a link to this post. I'm still ready to answer questions on a certain stages of the process, or a specific questions that weren't described in the tutorial.

Thank you.
Dear Anon,
Thank you very much for giving me a premium membership for a whole year! I'm super happy :la::love::hug:
December slots are opened!
More details are on my site:…
Whispering Grass Facebook page:
You can take a slot in the comments to this entry too.
Commissions on ETSY by scargeear
November slots are opened!
More details are on my site:…
Whispering Grass Facebook page:
Commissions on ETSY by scargeear
October slots are opened!
More details are on my site:…
Whispering Grass Facebook page:
Commissions on ETSY by scargeear

Preorder period for Mr. Ropuha in moss skintone is opened on JPopDolls!
Preorder ends on October 15th.
Price: 230 USD.
More details:…
Mr. Ropuha in moss skintone 02 by scargeear

September slots are opened!
More details are on my site:…
Whispering Grass Facebook page:
More info on my site:…
Thomas head v. 2.0 by scargeear
One of a kind fullset is available on eBay now: Manuna Mouse in white skintone. Her clothes, faceup and a wooden box are made by me.…
Manuna Sylvanian Fullset by scargeear
Good news! Keeping track of Whispering Grass updates became much easier. The panel with social network buttons is added on the bottom of each page, so you may share the info or subscribe to our RSS channel.
Also you may subscribe to our news by e-mail on the main page of the site.
One of a kind fullset is available on eBay now: Manuna Mouse in tan skintone. Her clothes, faceup and a wooden box are made by me.…
Manuna coffee fullset by scargeear
Natalie heads are available and ready to ship.
More info:…

  Natalie 01 by scargeear Natalie 02 by scargeear
I'm asked of this very often lately, in both English-speaking and Russian-speaking community, so I decided to give some info on the matter.

Thomas heads are ordered in batches at DollShe craft. There is a preorder time, and ordering time. The head is out of stock outside of these timeframes.
Thomas is out of stock at the moment, sorry. If you want to purchase this head please wait for the preorder opening.

I plan to open the preorder for Thomas in the next year, after I'll finish the main Natalie head customization and sales. I can't tell the dates for sure, so please stay tuned. I'll put the announce here on dA, on my site: and on my tumblr:

Thank you!