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Natalie preorder


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Natalie preorder


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Soom Idealian body modifications tutorial


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Khitrula Fox Jacket and Pants Pattern

BJD measurements and patterns

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Sigurd the Norse Barbarian

WGrass Chris - BJD doll

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Natalie preorder

Wgrass Natalie - BJD doll

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Thomas v. 2.0 OE preorder

WGrass Thomas - BJD doll

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Khitrula Fox and Raccoon Smuzhka

WGrass Khitrula Fox - BJD doll

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Khitrula Fox and Raccoon Smuzhka

WGrass Raccoon Smuzhka - BJD doll

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Clothes for Mr. and Mrs. Ropuha Toads

WGrass Mr. Ropuha toad - BJD doll

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Manuna Mice Summer Beach Vacation fullsets

WGrass Manuna Mouse - BJD doll

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Ascker: dat character!

Ascker - artist BJD doll

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BJD costumes

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BJD Chocolate Brown Victorian shoes

BJD shoes and boots

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BJD Gothic Demountable Doll Throne

BJD Furniture

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Dollshe Erica faceup commission

BJD faceups

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Leo in a suit 02

Leo - BJD doll

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Medieval Zoryana 03

Zoryana - BJD doll

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Sephiroth in a full parade

Simon - BJD doll

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Cloud Strife - 06

Cloud Strife - BJD doll

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Favnik 04

Favnik - BJD doll

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Spring grass - 01

Katze - BJD doll

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BJD dolls - different

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Sephiroth The Strip Dancer 01

Sephiroth The Strip Dancer

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Scabbard for 1/3 sword, covered with fur

Leather, woodwork, wirework, etc.

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Male costume - fantasy man


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Digital art

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The dawn above Scargeear - map

Traditional art

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Random photos

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Loki Faun

GIFs and Avatars

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Chibi Sephiroth plushie

Static dolls

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