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Tutorial: anatomical wig with defined hair line

The full tutorial is on Patreon:…
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Thank you so much for your tutorials. Your dolls are beautiful. I lover your artwork!
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Thanks a lot, dear!
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thank you so much for this tutorial.  I have done other wigs before but I didn't like the way the hairline came out.  I used alpaca and pantyhose tops.  
My doll has a very large head and the tulle worked so much better.  the wefts were so much easier also as I did not have to sew them!
(By at the way, I have you marked as one of my favorites on Etsy.)
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Thank you very much! I'm so glad that this tutorial was useful for you! Please feel free to post here a link to your doll in a wig that you made!
Hope you'll find something useful on my Etsy too!
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Wow! Great tutorial!
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Just wanted to thank you for this tutorial!!! I did my wigs differently, because usually they are curly wigs, and making the wefts from curly hair is almost impossible. This straight style was wonderful to work with!
I used the tutorial, in part, to create my wig for my original, 1/4 scale (43cm overall doll height) Loki head sculpt on a Tonner body.
I use a different fabric for the cap.
It's a glue infused, craft gauze (Dip-N-Drape) that I cut into pieces and make a hard cap to glue the wefts onto:

My Immortals Loki Head Sculpt by my-immortals
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Thank you so much! The wig you made is great, and the sculpt itself is amazing!
Seconding what you said about the curly wigs, as I had a very hard time making this one: Baby Hiddles
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Thank you!! ... and thank you for all the faves!

Yes, Baby Hiddles hair is even curlier than my Jamie Fraser and Jon Snow! The hair just wants to curl up over into the glue, and since the urethane glue isn't an "instant grab" type like Fabri-Tac, the ends won't stay on the netting. That's why, up until now, I've been making very small, flat glue weft locks of curly hair (about 1.3 cm each) with the Fabri-Tac and glueing those to the cap. Very intensive and time consuming!!
I was thinking about this, and since the urethane glue is waterproof, maybe a boiled permanent AFTER making the wefts onto the netting?? Going to try it on one piece and see if the glue holds up. Will let you know!
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You're welcome, your art is gorgeous.
Yeah, exactly, I had to press the pre-boiled curls and to wait until the glue holds them up. Spent a ton of time in a respirator under the extractor hood. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to form the proper curls after the straight hair was glued to the cap, that's why.
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Well, I'll let you know where my experimentation takes me. BTW, does your urethane glue have bad fumes? If you are able to get Liquid Fusion through Amazon, it has no odor and is non-toxic... at least it says so!
Your work is an inspiration to me, so thank you so much again!
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Will wait for your report then!
Is that Liquid Fusion waterproof? Looks so, but it's too expensive including shipping to my location. And it takes about 50-100 ml to make a sturdy SD wig that will last for years.
Thank you very much for your compliments!
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Yes, it's waterproof. Too bad you can't get it. You would need at least one bottle per head though!
The SD heads are SO much bigger than the Tonner sized heads. I only used about 1/4 of a bottle and I was being very generous with the product, but I guess I saved a lot of glue using the different wig cap which had its own glue in the fibers. By the time I finished glueing all the wefts onto the hard cap, the cap (not originally waterproof) was completely covered in the urethane.
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Yes, SD heads are much much bigger than those of Tonners. Great that the fabric has its own glue layer so you could save on glue!
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SOOOOO cool!! Thank you for taking time to share and explain this!!! ^_^
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Have you ever tired using modgepodge? Or would that hold not well enough?
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Sorry, never tried it, and I even need to ask Google to know what you're talking about.
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Thank you! I've been trying to figure out how to make a short wig with a defined hairline for some time, this is just perfect.
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You're welcome :hug:
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Thank you. This will be very useful! :star:
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You're welcome :la:
Hi i am trying to use this method on making a wig for myself and my clients, how would i do it for a human? The wig cap? I'm a beginner and i know how to make lace wigs, but i have been searching for a way to make a silk base wig/silk top wig, so that it will look more natural with freestyle parting. Please help me I've learned a lot just from the tutorials you made.
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Oh dear, I believe that a laced wig is still the best technology invented for humans! Human wig cap should not be hard, but soft and stretchable. I invented the method described in my tutorial especially for BJDs, because there are a lot of certain limitations and requirements. Human head has another limitations and requirements, that laced wig fulfills beautifully. Doll head is bald, but humans have their own hair that has to be concealed beneath a wig cap somehow, so it should be soft and stretchable. Head skin should breathe even under the wig, while the doll doesn't care. So tutorials on YouTube on making a laced wigs is your clue to success.

The irony is I still ended up with lacing, adapting it for a dollie usage to my best ability:…
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