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Anatomical wig for SD BJD doll

By scargeear
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Anatomical wig for SD BJD doll. Example: [link]
Please credit me if you use the pattern for sewing.
Usage rules and allowance info here: [link]
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so how exactly do we use this pattern? i dont see a diretions on here on how to cut or layout on the wig material
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It's the pattern for a wig on a thin fabric, so cut out the fabric adding a bit of a seam allowance (depends on fabric qualities) and voila. I really don't understand what's unclear here, because a person with a decent sewing experiense should understand it easily.
The same could be used for a mohair on the skin wigs too.
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it is not that I dont know how to use patterns. I just didnt know how this on in prticulr worked, if you cut two and sewn them together, most patterns state X2 on them if you needed to, or which was was considered the front. I have many years sewing experince so that comment was not really needed, i just wanted some clarification as there were no cutting instructions on it
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Try to print it out, lay on the doll's head, and you'll immediately see where the front is.
I never thought that x2 mentioning is mandatory, as a lot of patterns that I saw had no that mention. As I'm interested mostly in period clothing I judge by the common pactice in this field.……
Looks like nobody bothers)
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i do not understand how to use your patterm
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is there pattern for 3-4 inch wig
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Just scale it down))
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I've been searching/trying to figure out how to make a wig pattern like this!
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Hope this info was helpful for you ;)
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