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EGGSTRAVAGANZA [Easter Event 2021]

“Calmed down, have we?” Pepper found herself deep between the mountains that surrounded Wind Valley. She’d been trying to get away from the cottage in Woolhope more often in an effort to figure out who she was and it wasn’t going well. So many eyes on her these days made blunders far harsher for her. The fog had lifted. And as it turned out, Pepper was not a pleasant Scarfox to be around. The chip in her shoulder was deep. Deeper than she had realized at first, and constructed in such a way that it bred malice and ill will towards others. Woolhope was the place of new beginnings for her, but that wasn’t going to be enough for Pepper. It was never going to be enough. “Leave me alone, Astral,” Pepper replied, folding her large fingers together. “I’m not in the mood.” Astral bowed with a long sweeping motion. His job was to chronicle the story of every Scarfox that came into being, but he took particular interest in the ones who didn’t know which way they wanted to go in


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I've had this scarfox for years and after its previous trade falling through I am opening it up for trade again! Currently I am looking for Curios but I will look at other offers Scarfox Realm - Character :: Scarfox-349 (


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I D E N T I T I F I C A T I O N Name: Feniris Masterlist#: 276 Owner: aikirawaca Personality: evil, psycho, merciless ORIGINAL DESIGNER: KoukySato S T A T U S RANK: X HP: 20 ATK: 8 DEF: 5 MAG: 7 [Start with 20 HP. Another additional 20 points must be distributed between ATK, DEF, and MAG] I N V E N T O R Y Crystals (Currency) by ScarfoxChronicles x 00 Chronicle Page (Collectable) by ScarfoxChronicles x 00 R I T E S Rite Of Existence: ✖ Rite Of Survival: ✖ Rite Of Training: ✖ Rite of Purpose: ✖ Rite Of Magic: ✖ Rite of Friendship: ✖ Rite of Arcanium: ✖ Rite of Journeys: ✖ Rite of Unconditional Love: ✖ Rite of the Lost: ✖ Rite of Awakening: ✖ Rite of Serf: ✖ Rite of Pawn: ✖ Rite of Rook: ✖ Rite of Knight: ✖ Rite of Vassal: ✖ Rite of Bishop: ✖ Rite of Lordship: ✖ Rite of Monarchy: ✖ R E L A T I O N S H I P S Mate: x Friends: Enemies: M E M O R Y B O X Rites _________________________________ Events & Prompts

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