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"Oh, thank heaven, I finally lost her..." James panted, exhausted from running nearly a mile through nothing but winding corridors and alleyways and resting his hand upon a cold stone wall that was decaying with age. It seemed as if all the nervous lavender-haired Team Rocket agent had been doing for the past seven or eight hours or so was run away. However, running away from your abusive parents and insane in-laws seemed like a natural thing (for him at least anyway), but from a nearly two-thousand-year-old ghost of a lovesick maiden was where he drew the line. "If I told her once, I told her a thousand times, I am not nor have I ever been or ever will be a samurai!" he panted, looking around for any sign of his ghoulish bride. He signed. His original thought was correct: He had managed to lose her somewhere in one of the tunnels. "Okay. Good. She's gone. Now all I have to do is-" But just when he thought he was safe: 
"Jamesy darling, where are you?" 
"Oh no! She's here!" h
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Halo (TrollHunters Fanfic)
Maeve was happy when Angor found that loft in an abandoned industrial building. It was large enough for him to live in, and there was heating thanks to a boiler in the basement. With a little help starting up the electricity, and fixing the plumbing, and finding the materials to build troll-sized furniture, it should make the perfect home. Maeve invited, Lorien, Barbara and Strickler to help with the renovating.
While she was also happy that Angor found a home, Lorien was a little preoccupied with something else. It was a realization she recently had that she had to share with Angor sooner or later. But she would prefer it if the two of them were alone. Given the circumstances with the renovations, however, Lorien decided that it could wait until after they got the work done.
Within a few days, the loft was renovated, and Angor could finally move out.
Lorien decided it would be best if she waited another night to let Angor get settled into his new
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Connected by DestinyBlue Connected :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 2,726 91 my new goth son. by kabukiaku my new goth son. :iconkabukiaku:kabukiaku 22 0
Tagged by YingYingKirby!+ Art Feature
Another tag! :D 
Tagged by yingyingkirby
1) What does your username mean?: My username "KwaziiCat" was my username on Disney Create, as I've said before. Once Create shut down for unexplained circumstances, I decided to join DA. In order to remember my times on Create, I decided to go ahead and use the same username! Also, it's names after one of my favorite characters- Kwazii the pirate cat from "Octonauts". 
2) How Long have you been on DeviantArt?: About four years now. I joined in late May of 2014, nearing the summer before my 8th grade year :)
3) Do you speak multiple languages?: Hablo Ingles y Espanol. Hablo Ingles mas frecuentemente, ya que lo hablo de forma nativa, pero yo soy conversational en Espanol. (I speak English and Spanish. I speak English more frequetly, since I speak it natively, but I am conversational in Spanish). 
4) Where are your favorite places to hang out?: Primarily at my house, however I do like going to th
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Bubbles by Celestial4ever Bubbles :iconcelestial4ever:Celestial4ever 52 14


This is something new, a step into a world of canvas and paint. Every detail in this masterpiece nearly exemplifies perfection! If it w...

This embodies everything I like about Big Chill! For starters, he is mysterious, practically phantasmal and ghostly. He's slender and e...

Your art not only captures the characters' physical appearance, but also their charming personalities! Monkey's pout establishes her ha...

Very colorful, this is a friendly scene! It's like a celebration of Gilda's rebirth as a redeemed character. And like most great art, i...

HAPPY :bulletred: INDEPENDENCE :bulletblue: DAY :bulletwhite: ONE AND ALL!

Really, I'm so glad that I can enjoy a great fireworks display this year! :) Enjoying the Fireworks - NaNoEmo Day 7 
It does my heart good to see those beautiful fireworks for myself ^^ Fireworks 

I hope happiness to all who saw them this year!



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I don't know why, but all of a sudden I want a stop motion animated retelling of Majora's mask's story by Laika.
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