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The Adventures of Dr. Avery Chapter 5 :iconscared-guy:Scared-Guy 0 0
Mature content
The Adventures of Dr. Avery 1 Chapter 4 :iconscared-guy:Scared-Guy 0 0
Mature content
The Adventures of Dr. Avery 1 Chapter 3 :iconscared-guy:Scared-Guy 0 0
Mess with me, if you can... Enter Madison
•         Name: Madison Still Flowers
•         Nickname: Flowers, Dark Mist
•         Age: 28
•         D.O.B: 12 of June, 2167
•         Place of Birth: The Flying City
Residence: Blight City, Ruined Highway
Occupation: Driver
Education: Academic (Finished)
Location: Blight City, Lightport, Earth
Appearance: She is a redhead, taller than Avery and Scared Guy; looks intimidating, no wrong on that one
Height: 1,87 Meters
Weight: 76 Kilograms
Hair: Redhead
Eyes: Grey
Skin: White
Body type: Slim
Style: Prankster, Loyal, Impish, Rebellious
Clothing: Mostly black and blue colors styles, Black shirt, blue jeans, sneakers
Jewelry / Others: Bracelets in her arms, piercing in the left ear
Personality: Totally Impish, doesn´t follow order,
Overall: She hates orders, and likes to participate in street races.
Likes: Parties, her friends, Cars, Motorcycles
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Mature content
The Adventures of Dr. Avery 1 Chapter 2 :iconscared-guy:Scared-Guy 0 0
Too scary for me... Enter Scared Guy
•         Name: Scared Guy
•         Nickname: Fright Man
•         Age: ?????
•         D.O.B: ?????
•         Place of Birth: ?????
•         Ethnicity: ?????
Residence: Blight City, University of Light
Occupation: Student
Education: Academic
Location: Blight City, Lightport, Earth.
Height: 1,47 Meters
Weight: 47 Kilograms
Hair: ?????
Eyes: Black
Skin: ?????
Body type: ?????
Style: Lazy, Carefree, Boring, Prankster, Loyal, Kind-Hearted,
Clothing: You can guess if he wears cloths.
Jewelry / Others: None
Personality: He has a kind-heart, even if he is a prankster, and a lazy guy; but he likes to help selflessly others in need.
Overall: He has a VERY mysterious past.
Likes: Sports, Parties, his friends
Dislikes: Injustice, cruelty, Unfairness, and to study.
Fears: To never know about his past, n
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The Sea Castle
The Sea Castle I saw, with that ravaging depth it went
The cliff at her toes, went with the soul, giving rest
Always watching, she never ages,
Dancing with the wind, at the shore, the Sea Castle lights never end
Dances with the people, even if she couldn´t, for she always watches
Till the day no one came, for they went over Earth, riding to the far lands above
Stars were dancing with man, but the Sea Castle wept
Slowly the light went away, never come back again
As eternity stood, she still remembers, her last dance
Of the one that always came, from the depths, to the waltz
Time stood beside him, oh eternity, when you will go away
But he was different, when he came back, that last dance will be eternal
Death was now beside him, to that final dance
As we danced, light shinned back, as we saw an enormous white flash
At that big flash, it was consuming everything, I cried
But then, he came back, to start the last dance
But before the white enveloped us, he told me, “This was the
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Mature content
The Adventures of Dr. Avery 1 :iconscared-guy:Scared-Guy 0 2
Enter... Avery
•         Name: Mattius Thaddeus Avery
•         Nicknames: Dr. Avery, Matt
•         Age: 150 years
•         D.O.B: 9 of December of 2045
•         Place of Birth: Blight City
•         Ethnicity: Half Blood
Residence: Blight City, University of Light
Occupation: Student
Education: Universitary
Location: Blight City, Lightport, Earth
APPEARANCE: The has black hair, he is a little tall (more than the average), he is in a good physical shape.
Height: 1.90 Meters
Weight: 79 Kgs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Skin: Type 3
Body type: Rectangle
Style: Comfortable, relaxed, helpful
Clothing: He wears a black shirt with a lab coat (just because he liked it), he use glasses, and black sneakers.
Jewelry / Others: Wear a special watch designed by himself
PERSONALITY: He is a really good hearted person, he has a high empathy; he hates evil en genera
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Chapter 5


Avery: GOT IT.

End of Transmission

Without thinking it twice, Avery decided to get Toxic out of the city before the aircraft bombs the whole downtown.

Avery: Hope it works.

In a swift move, Avery a demolition ball to make him flinch as much as he could backwards. It was effective, but for only a few meters.

Toxic Spittoon: Its not going to work for a second…

Avery then activated the hoverboard and charged to Toxic. With him monologuing, it was easy to not only push him back, but also dragging him with it. Since the desert was not that far, it was like 30 second of travel. Just after reaching the desert, the hoverboard starts failing and looses height. To Avery´s despair, Toxic melt half of the hoverboard, rendering it useless.

Toxic Spittoon: What, afraid of heights

After saying that, the hoverboard crashes in the desert, making huge damage to him and Avery. After the crash, Avery was completely disoriented.

Avery: Five more minutes please.

Then Toxic grabs and punches Avery on the chest, breaking some parts of his armor. That obviously awaken Avery, but instinctively he kicks Spittoon in the face.

Toxic Spittoon: Arrrg. Not bad; but your luck is over, remember there is not much metal in here in the desert.

Avery knew that would be a great disadvantage, but…

Avery: But there is metal here…

In a fast move, Avery punches Toxic in the face. Thanks to the armor of Spittoon, he can easily approach to him, and also deliver huge impacts.

Avery: Thanks magnetism.
Toxic Spittoon: Not bad, but your advantage will be your ruin.

Toxic then grabbed two capsules of acid and proceeded to put it all over his armor. To the surprise of Avery, the armor withstands the acid easily.

Toxic Spittoon: Why do you think the armor was thick to start with.

With the acid all over his armor, Avery can´t punch or even touch him. He was completely powerless.

Toxic Spittoon: Now, can we resume the fight. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Toxic then charged toward Avery, almost reaching him. Avery dodges his attacks easily, but then grabs him and hits him in the chest. The fist was soaked in acid, melting part of the armor and almost touching his skin.


The punch melted an important part of the armor, the circuits powering the magnetic powers of the armor. With that completely melted, the punches of Spittoon will not only be more powerful, but the next one will reach his skin, killing him.

Avery: Damn it, I’m completely screwed.


Scared Guy: Avery, since the acid has been to much time in his armor, the metal is very weak to impacts, you just need something to ignite the acid. After that, the explosion will damage a lot the armor. Because of that he can´t soak himself in acid again because the armor will be almost teared up and will for sure kill him if he tries that tactic again.
Scared Guy: You don´t, but an aircraft yes.
Avery: Damn it Fright Man, that is a good plan, but how the aircraft is going to come here.
Scared Guy: Don´t you see it in the horizon.

Avery didn´t notice it, but the aircraft was now visible in the desert. It was ready to bomb them without mercy.

Avery: My magnetic abilities were disactivated, I can´t stand any hit from him.
Avery: I want to know something; how do you are seeing me?
Scared Guy: That´s easy, because you´re…  WATCH OUT YOUR BACK!!!

Toxic was about to grab him for a second time, but without Scared´s warning, he could have said hi to Death.

Scared Guy: Like 4 minutes or less.
Avery: Ok got it.
Scared Guy: Good lu…

Avery dodges a blast of an acid capsule, but part of his mask was melted, which had the communicator. He quickly tears off that part, leaving some parts of his head uncovered. Most of his face was still covered, but the upper left part of the helmet was completely teared off.

Avery: Shit, now that will be a problem

Toxic then started a barrage of acid capsules, but Avery was swift and dodged all of the impacts. After some seconds, the gun started to malfunction, and explodes. The little explosion ignited the whole armor, making a huge explosion that destroyed almost the whole armor. After the first explosion, the capsules exploded too, making critical damage to Toxic. With him completely defenseless, Avery starts to punch him viciously and without mercy.

Toxic Spittoon: (Coughing blood) That´s the best… you have…

Avery then continued to punch him, but then he suddenly stopped. And with haste, he decided to scan the armor and weapons of Toxic. He knew that a guy like Toxic could never even imagine an armor of that level. So, with little time left, he scanned the armor and the weapons.

Just as he finishes, the aircraft is just above Avery. As a last resort, he sends the info to a special computer, really far from his home. That method is to avoid that someone tracks them to his house. But now, Avery is about to be blasted by the aircraft “Radiance”.

Avery: Well, at least it was a good life. But I have to say something….


Madison: Well, you want my help or not.

Madison was in her flying car, above Avery. Apparently, she came to rescue him.

Madison: Look, just get up already, I don´t want to get blasted

Avery jumps to the car, and screams…

Avery: GO, GO, GO, GO, GO!!!

Madison then starts going the direction of the city, and they both see a huge explosion in the direction of Toxic. Now that the danger was gone, Madison told Avery…

Madison: I´m not doing as a favor to you, Scared Guy convinced me of helping you.
Avery: Well, thanks
Madison: I only agree because you did it for a good cause, not because of your attitude.
Avery: Well, now I owe you a favor.
Madison: Just leave me alone, or at least don´t insult a lot.
Avery: Not going to happen, but I can upgrade your car
Madison: Works for me
Avery: Well, that have a high risk…

Another huge explosion sounds from the same side of the desert. Avery and Madison are surprised by that.

Avery: That was the aircraft.
Madison: But if that was the aircraft, what was the first one.

Unknown Place

Mysterious Man: Well, that went wrong, that stupid shove acid to himself.
Mysterious Guy: But sir, if the armor endured the acid, he could have won.
Mysterious Man: And now an asshole with magnetism defeated one of my creations.
Mysterious Guy: But, see the good side, we learned the weaknesses of your design. If we could test them with him, your creations could be modified and be even more powerful than before.
Mysterious Man: I see, well let’s give that “hero” some rest, lets see if he also upgrades himself.
Mysterious Guy: But sir, why not just kill him fast. He can be a treat if we don´t act fast
Mysterious Man: Patience, he is a treat, one that can help us upgrade the armors to even better results.
Mysterious Guy: But then, why you blew the first one sir.
Mysterious Man: It was completely scrapped, and I don´t want the government to replicate my creations. They are very “predictable” in that sense.
Mysterious Guy: But they blew it anyways.
Mysterious Man: Don´t be fooled, they took their time to see if they could get something. Very predictable indeed.
Mysterious Guy: Well sir, what armor will be the second one.
Mysterious Man: Send the artic one.
The Adventures of Dr. Avery Chapter 5
Well, the chapter 5 for all of you

Hope you like it

Now that scared me a lotScared and running 

Scared Guy

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Chapter 4

Year 2195, August 22

Old Warehouse, Outskirts of the city, (Sunday) (10:37 A.M.)

Avery: What the hell, explosions

Using his special watch, tried to contact Scared Guy, but Scared Guy was in shock, the news told that there was an attack on the downtown of Blight City, with all of the police and military forces losing. Scared Guy saw the T.V. as Madison was completely paralyzed, just as Scared Guy. After some seconds, he realized that the communicator was calling.


Scared Guy: Did you heard of the battle in the downtown of the city
Avery: I´m on the downtown Fright Man.
Scared Guy: What you want
Avery: (worried) Tell me where is battle zone
Scared Guy: You have to be kidding
Avery: (Completely serious) I´m going to help
Scared Guy: Completely freaked) It´s not a bombing, it is an unknown battle armor.
Avery: (Shocked) WHAAT
Scared Guy: With heavy gunfire and hard armor
Avery: (Determined) I´m still going there
Scared Guy: (Worried) This is not a joke, that armor is a serious threat, not a test for you to handle
Avery: My armor has magnetic capabilities, I can handle a guy with guns
Scared Guy: Try not to die, its 2 Km of that warehouse, Good luck
Avery: I promise to not to come back in pieces

End of Transmission

After receiving the coordinates of the fight, Avery decided to help defeat the armor. But he couldn´t stop thinking that it could be his last action, and after thinking it more seriously, he decided to not fight. But then he remembered a phrase from his father…

“If innocents need to pay because of our cowardice, then one needs to fight for them”

Avery then remembered why his father decided to help others, even if it only was with his fists. After considering again, he decided to fight that fucker, and beat the hell out of him.

Downtown of Blight City, Tri Towers Area, (11:09 A.M.)

Getting near the Tri Towers, Avery heard the explosions. With determination, decided to land in a near point to approach the armor while not taking damage of the bullets from both sides.
“Now it starts” Avery said in a really excited tone.

Avery landed in one of the damaged buildings, with magnetic abilities, a flying skateboard, and some combat skills, he was ready to save the city.
He then rushed to the point with most gunfire in the street, preparing himself, he activated his magnetic armor to prevent most of the bullets could damage him.
After activating it, he proceeded to reach the armor. Just before starting, he activated his visor, and charged to the battle.
But then he received a blast, from the military. They detected Avery´s armor too, and proceeded to blast him too. After the blast, Avery knew that his surprise attack was completely blown up. Then he just decided to go directly to the armor.

Tri Towers Street Battle Zone (11:15 A.M.)

Avery, after lots of bullets, finally reached the armor. Now he was face to face with it. Even if the police and military continued to shoot, the bullets didn´t reached both of them.
“Probably another magnetic field” Avery thought.
But then, the armor started to talk, in a maniac and joyful manner.

Unknown person: (Joyfully) Hello little one, are you lost
Avery: Say what you want, but you are not going to continue your destruction
Unknown person: Well, what you will d…

Avery then strikes him with a metal bar, it was not expected by any of them. Even the police and military decided to stop the shooting. The action made him flinch many meters back. But he was not even scratched.

Unknown person: Well, at least you’re not stupid, not like those guys in the back
Unknown person: Now to reveal my name, my name is…

Avery made a huge metal ball move towards him, and makes him a fair amount of damage, a huge dent in his armor.

Unknown person: Enough, now you will see my real power
Unknown person: I, Toxic Spittoon, will melt your body myself

After that, he launched towards Avery a green capsule, which he dodges, after that, the capsule exploded; expelling a large green liquid, which melted a nearby building. After that he started to reach Avery, but he used his magnetic abilities to attract another metal bar and hit him before he got near him. But in a suspicious way, he went back, and threw a blue capsule toward the military.

Toxic Spittoon: Now I´m pissed off. Take that as a lesson

Then the capsule expelled a blue gas. Then Toxic activated mini fans in different parts of his body that made the gas go toward the military and the police. Many of them were affected by the toxic effects of the gas.

Toxic Spittoon: That gas is an acid, not that strong as the green one, but enough to melt away your organs in mere seconds. Useful to deal with many people, and with this fans is really easy to contro…

Avery then made two metal walls crush him, now he was really angry. Then he yelled to the police and military…


Scared Guy watched the T.V. in despair as he also saw the blue gas was completely killing many military and police officers in mere seconds. He was also angry at the fact that he couldn´t help Avery other that telling him something.


Scared Guy: Try to make the battle the most far possible from the city.
Avery: (A little bit tired) I will try

End of Transmission

Avery then decided to force Toxic into following him to the dessert, but then, he heard the voice of a military yelling...


Avery then saw a huge aircraft in the horizon…
The Adventures of Dr. Avery 1 Chapter 4
Now the action starts...:ohnoesrambo: 

Now isn´t the time to be scared...Time to kick ass!

Hope you like it...

Scared GuyScared and running 

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Chapter 3

Year  2195, August 21

Avery´s House (Saturday) (6:30 P.M.)

After the incident in the club, Avery went home to relax, and (hopefully) finish the hoverboard. But the events of last night didn´t let him even start the final preparations. Leaving his friend alone in the hospital made him guilty, but he couldn´t help him either, so he decide to rest.

Avery: (pondering) If I want to be in shape tomorrow, better get some sleep

After watching some shows on internet, Avery went to sleep early.

Hospital The Sunshine (Sunday) (7:16 A.M.)

Waiting Room

Avery: Hope at least he is awake, even if he is a heavy sleeper

Suddenly, Madison arrived, in a wheelchair. Avery knows that she doesn´t leaves friend behind, but even this is a surprise to him.

Avery: Was not enough for you that thanks to you he is in the hospital Madison
Madison: First, he decided to come with me.  Second, he risked his life to defend and support me…
Avery: Because of your antics, he is now in the hospital
Avery: You always want to do stuff your way, but not without the consequences, and that´s why I always tell you to not do certain things I know will end bad. And now who is paying the price for your consequences.
Madison: I can´t even visit my friend without you telling me shit in my own face. FUCK YOU AVERY.

As soon as she is about to yell, a nurse told her that this is a hospital, and they need silence to treat the patients well.
After that, they decided not to talk until they are outside the hospital.

Scared Guy´s Room (12:36 P.M.)

Scared Guy: That was a hell of a night
Madison: Sure it was, we rocked the floor
Avery: And then being smash into it
Scared Guy: Avery, cut it already. I know by both of your faces that you were arguing. That just happened Avery; she had no control that it will happen, it just occurred.
Avery: That could be prevented if…
Madison: CUT IT AVERY, we know you don´t like going out, you just think on your projects.
Scared Guy: Madison, if he doesn´t like to go out, we can´t force him to go out.
Scared Guy: Cut it Madison, he went to look after us. Is he was not there, I could have…
Madison: (Crying) I would not forgive myself if that happened.
Scared Guy: I know, but now is no time for crying, it´s time to celebrate. I´m not dead yet.

The doctor told them that Scared Guy has a very strong skull, so the damages in his head were only cut. The only difficult part was to remove the shards from his skin. He can go to his home, but needs at least 4 days of rest. Avery decided to take care of Scared Guy, and Madison, since both are not in a good shape.

Madison: I´m not going to his house
Scared Guy: SHUT UP!!!

Avery´s House (2:56 P.M.)

Avery: Well, there it is, my home
Scared Guy: You know I live here…
Avery: That’s for Madison
Madison: What a nice place, for a idiot
Avery: A smart idiot
Madison: (She stares at Avery angrily)
Scared Guy:  Remember where she lives, it´s not a palace Avery, so please don´t make fun of that.
Avery: You can sleep in my room, just don´t touch anything from it.
Madison: Why not the couch
Avery: I´m a good host
Madison: I promise that I will not touch stuff, not a lot anyways
Avery: Touch something, and I will use your car, the blue one
Scared Guy: That was actually funny

In the rest of the weekend, Avery worked in the hoverboard, a unique model that uses N-Gyser and G-Energy, the energy of the world. Avery discovered a shard in a cave 5 years ago, never seen in the world before, but not only Avery knew of the shard, but it was late for the government, Avery got it first.
He finished the battery 2 years ago, but never actually put it in use. There were never tested on anything, until Scared Guy suggested a hoverboard, and actually he liked the idea. Now the G-Energy, will be tested, for the first time.

Madison: (Tired) It´s the fucking 4:46 A.M., let´s us sleep

Avery´s Home (Sunday) (9:34 A.M.)

Avery: (Joyful) I finish it Scared Guy, The Hoverboard
Scared Guy: Two years of work, you are something Avery
Madison: Well, what is that, a hoverboard, there are many of them in the market you know
Avery: This one is special
Madison: Why, because you made it
Avery: Fuck off, I´m going to test it, I will bring photos
Scared Guy: Are you going to use the armor
Avery: You bet on that, I don´t want a broken leg this day
Scared Guy: Good luck
Madison: Break a leg
Avery: Ha ha ha, so funny Madison

Avery then proceeds to an abandoned storage to test the hoverboard.
Avery then proceeded to equip his armor. His armor is of 6 parts: head, hands, arms, chest, thighs, and legs. The armor colors are: blue, black, and grey. The reinforced parts of the whole armor are the visor, the legs, the chest, and the hands. It´s also features magnets. The magnets are on the arms, legs, and chest; to prevent damages from bullets, and (if there is a metal in the surface or the walls) fall damage; perfect to do stunts without the risk of breaking my bones.

“Now to try this baby” Avery said in a very joyful, yet almost maniac tone.

Avery is not that lazy either, he trained to handle the hoverboard, and he wore the armor in training sessions to get used to it. Now to use that shit.

Avery: Let´s get started

Avery hopped into the board, and then; he then went loose. From the ceiling to the walls, as in the practices, he was completely crazy in the storage room. Nothing was going to ruin the moment.

Avery: Wait
Avery: Are those screams and explosions
The Adventures of Dr. Avery 1 Chapter 3
The adventure starts...

Hope you like it...

Scared GuyScared and running 
•         Name: Madison Still Flowers
•         Nickname: Flowers, Dark Mist
•         Age: 28
•         D.O.B: 12 of June, 2167
•         Place of Birth: The Flying City

Residence: Blight City, Ruined Highway

Occupation: Driver

Education: Academic (Finished)

Location: Blight City, Lightport, Earth

Appearance: She is a redhead, taller than Avery and Scared Guy; looks intimidating, no wrong on that one

Height: 1,87 Meters

Weight: 76 Kilograms

Hair: Redhead

Eyes: Grey

Skin: White

Body type: Slim

Style: Prankster, Loyal, Impish, Rebellious

Clothing: Mostly black and blue colors styles, Black shirt, blue jeans, sneakers

Jewelry / Others: Bracelets in her arms, piercing in the left ear

Personality: Totally Impish, doesn´t follow order,

Overall: She hates orders, and likes to participate in street races.

Likes: Parties, her friends, Cars, Motorcycles

Dislikes: The law, following orders, (Sometimes) Avery

Fears: To lose her car, losing her friends, don´t find love

Hobbies: Go to Parties, Street Racing, Repairing Vehicles

Dreams: One day to kick some asses, Have a Turbo R-Model N

Flaws: She is too lazy, and rebellious.

Abilities: Her skill in driving is incredible, but she also knows how to drive motorcycles.

Fun facts: She was not always rebellious, and a photo of her when she was 5 years old still scares Avery and Scared Guy.
Mess with me, if you can... Enter Madison
The description of Madison Flowers.

Better not mess with her...

Hope you loved her

Scared Guy

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Chapter 2

At the Next Morning
Avery´s Home (5:56 A.M.) Friday

Scared Guy: (Still sleepy) Good Morning.
Avery: (Serious) Good Morning
Scared Guy: (Still Sleepy) Hi.
Avery: What, still angry.
Scared Guy: No, you are right, that gun was a gift, a really expensive one, and I just lose it.
Avery: You didn´t lose it, they robbed it.
Scared Guy: Ok, well, still I´m sorry.
Avery: I already told you, it will self-destroy anyways, so your apology is accepted.
Scared Guy: Now, were the FOOOOOD!
Avery: You hungry rat, it´s still cooking.

At the University of Light

“As much as I appreciate Fright Man apologies, it was a really risky losing my gun” Avery stated to himself
“But at least everything went well” He said calmly.
But then he felt a huge embrace from behind
“Madison, what the fuck!” he yelled
“Hope you slept well” Madison joyfully told Avery
“One day, you will kill someone with your pranks” Avery told her angry, and pissed off
“Then, let´s hope you are ready for it next time” Madison replied seductively
“Just don´t get near me for the rest of the day” he answered before running to classes

After he escaped from Madison, he quickly rushed to University of Light. The University of Light is one of the most advanced universities in terms of research of energy, all thanks to the funding of the world famous corporation in the country of Lightport, The Black Hope Corporation. Black Hope Corporation believes that a new kind of energy is the “last hope” of Earth if the N-Gyser is destroyed or drained. Avery, even if his investigation looks promising, doesn´t want the collaboration of the Corporation, because of his fear of the consequences of a misuse of the energy.

After classes, in the courtyard of the university (5:05 P.M.)

Madison: Well, if it´s the scientist, Dr. Avery
Avery: Stop calling me like that
Madison: Come on it´s a good name, and its fits you perfectly
Avery: Then I will call you Ms. Cabs then
Madison: FUCK YOU, stop making fun of my job
Avery: Just because you can use a taxi that can fly and is permitted in the “Flying City”, you aren´t a pilot.
Madison: I hope you get crashed by a car tonight
Avery: Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn´t happening today, not going to party with Scared Guy
Madison: But I do. Yes fucker, I’m going to swipe, crack and destroy the dance floor with him.
Avery: Great, a good day for finishing the Hoverboard, but now I need to save your asses from yourselves.
Madison: Hope you come with us
Avery: Fuck you

After knowing the plans of the party, Avery decided to go with them to make sure they don´t destroy the place. Frustrated, he went home to see Scared Guy dressed and ready to go to the party.

Avery´s Home (6:38 P.M.)

Avery: Scared Guy, why you didn´t told me you were going to a party, with MADISON!!!
Scared Guy: Well, you will react like that
Scared Guy: She´s not that bad
Avery: She is crazy, she is a legal maniac, and will cause a massacre in the club!!!
Scared Guy: You are overreacting, she is not that bad…
Avery: I´m more serious than you, if I´m overreacting, I´m dead serious.

In a huge slam, Madison almost destroying the door, appeared and started to laugh.

Madison: (Laughing) Guy, you need to see your faces
Scared Guy: (Scared) WTF Madison, YOU DON´T KNOW HOW TO KNOCK
Madison: Well, your security is shit, if I can knock a door
Avery: You are lucky that I have a second door, Scared Guy, get the bathroom door
Scared Guy: Ok

After installing the door, and closing it, they went to the party

At the Club (10:38 P.M.)

Avery: Well, I will only watch both of you over, so, no dancing for me
Madison: Come on boy, let yourself loose sometimes, will you do it for me
Avery: No
Scared Guy: Just leave him, you will not convince him that easy
Madison: Well, hope you drink something at least

After this statement, Scared Guy and Madison went to the dance floor. Avery just watched the match of Basketball on the TV. Meanwhile, Fright Man and Madison were like crazies, from drinking to even saying crap. Avery was calm until a very muscular guy appeared and pushed Madison. Scared Guy tried to fight but he was to drunk and tired to even move.

Avery: He fucker, wanna mess with someone of your size
Muscular Dude: Not with a wimp
Avery: See again

Before he even moves, Avery already fired the Q-Shot 2, paralyzing him. But then his friends stood up and started to move toward Avery.

Avery: Hope you have a good medical insurance

They were all running toward Avery, but in a swift movement, he shot 3 out of 5 guys, but they were able to grab him, after taking his gun, they shot Avery, and proceeded to beat him in the floor. Scared Guy, using all his strength, got up and using a bottle, knocked one of them, but the last one, grabbing a chair, hit Scared Guy several times, he was bleeding black blood. But suddenly Avery got up, and using a knife, he cut the last one in the arm. The wound was not deep, but hurts enough.
Avery, after the wild fight, proceeded to carry his friends in the “MagCar MK4”, a special experimental model. Rushing to the hospital, Avery was dealing with the intense bleed of Scared Guy´s head. When he reached the hospital, they were rapidly attended by the doctors and nurses. He told what happened, and the doctors told him that they will need to take the shards of the bottle, but couldn´t replace the blood of Scared, since there isn´t another person like him. It is risky, but necessary if we want that there are chances that he will live. After saying the doctors that he approves, he is escorted by a nurse to the waiting room.

Hospital The Sunshine
Waiting Room (Saturday) (4:34 A.M.)

Avery waited almost the whole night, but at last, they told him the extraction surgery was a success.  Madison just had a few bruises and a hangover. Avery then was told that he should take Madison to her home and watch her if she has any other problems.

Avery: Come on Madison, let´s go home
Madison: Ok

After taking Madison to her apartment, Avery went home to think and rest from that happened

Avery´s Home (12:45 P.M.)

Avery: Well, before Scared Guy recovers, I´m going to finish the hoverboard. The surprise that he will get when I finish it and my other project
Avery: Let´s continue working.
The Adventures of Dr. Avery 1 Chapter 2
The second one...

Took time because of studying

Hope you like it

Scared Guy
I want to clear some stuff if you read my series:

  1. I don´t know how to draw, so I can´t really show you in drawings the appearance of my characters.
  2. Im an amateur writer, some there can be errors in my writings, please kindly and peacefully tell me where they are so I can fix them.
  3. i will be more fast than my friend writing down the stories, because I already finished organizing my version of the series.
  4. Ours versions are completely DIFFERENT, so if my writings are posted more often than SYX97, that doesn´t mean that my series are an advance of his series.
  5. My native language is not English, so you can add that to my errors in writing.
  6. I don´t follow an especific schedule for posting my stories, so can be unactive at certain times.
  7. I will be interacting with you, readers, please tell me if there are errors in my writtings.
  8. Thanks for be reading my series.

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