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Why does society think homosexuals need to be censored? Aside from your moral/religious/whatever, what's the problem?

You can admit that death exists on a kid's show. Diseases, bowel movements, divorce, etc.

Seriously, if you tell a kid what "gay" means, this is probably what will happen-

"Mommy, what's a gay?"

"Well Billy, some boys like other boys, and some girls like other girls. These people are called gays."

"Okay. Can I watch TV?"

See? Kids don't give a shit about that! They don't become prejudiced until you teach them, because they don't know anything!
I am thinking of the children, more than you are! And I don't even like the little bastards!
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What is this Russia?
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I don't understand your comment.
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In Russia they teach their children that homosexuals do not exist. 
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I can only think of a few lgbt+ relationships, Korra + Asami, Sapphire + Ruby, Pearl + Rose 
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Yeah, I know.

Am I the only one wondering why it's always lesbians?
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too bad censors have completely neutered all cartoons. if people were more accepting back in the days of Looney Tunes (when they were allowed to have guns) i'm sure they wouldn't have had a problem
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They still would, honestly. Guns and "alternative lifestyles" get completely different reactions.
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I dunno. I'd say that it's a religious issue but I've seen a ton of atheists who use evolution and shit to say that gays are inferior and shouldn't be alive.
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Basically, everyone's got a different reason to hate us.
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