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Xerxes Crash Site

By Scarecrovv
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I ran the Modiphius Star Trek Adventures playtest scenario, the rescue at Xerxes using Roll 20 and this is one of the isometric maps that I painted to use with it.
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Oh wow! This looks pretty cool! How did that session go?
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Pretty well. The group were Trekkies but most had not played an RPG before. We were also using the playtest rules so they still needed a bit of refining. Inspite of that, it went rather well, I felt. I've been meaning to arrange another session but it's been 12 months so I may have missed that particular ship :D
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lol if it wouldn't be too long, would you mind telling me how this adventure played out?
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Hmmm.. It's quite a while ago. I seem to recall that they failed to realise that the neanderthals at the crash site were Starfleet officers and so didn't set their phasers to stun :(
After that they navigated the poisonous mushrooms well enough and then upon reaching the ravine built a bridge from the surrounding vegetation which was unexpected but cool.
Upon entering the base they found the woman scientist (who I exchanged for Bashir's nemesis (I can't remember her name now). At this point we were running out of time so I sped things up. They helped her find a cure and then got off-world using a shuttle at the base rather than having to repair their own.
They seemed to enjoy it but found the extended task system a bit tedious. That was heavily revised for the final rules, though. They wanted to do more but, as I say, I never got round to setting up a follow up session. I might fix that in the near future.
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lol the poor crew! Well at least they saved one! That sounds like one very fun adventure! And thank you very much for your time and typing all that up for me! I can't overstate how much I appreciate that!