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Vorux Portrait

Playing Star Trek Adventures RPG from Modiphius and my primary character, Ensign Sh'Val (Andorian Action Scientist) is currently incapacitated so I needed to make a support character to beam down and deal with the Jem'hadar. So, as I've always loved Lt Arex from the Animated series, I decided to make an Edosian. I also decided to make him a non-com too for a change. So this is Petty officer Second Class, Vorux of Security division.
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One of the visually most creative species Star Trek has done. They are certainly not easy to draw, but this portrait is excellent! I love everything about it - but mostly I love that it's a TNG charakter :) Well done! :)
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Thank you. I LOVE Edosians but it always bothered me that they just stuck a second right arm on his chest and gave him three legs in a row. I would have much preferred him to be triaxial and his head with three eyes on a prehensile neck.