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The village of Phandalin

The village of Phandalin from the D&D Starter set scenario, the Lost Mines of Phandelver.
I wanted an un-labelled version of the map for the players so that they could discover what each building was as they explored. I also find isometric or (as in this case) a bird's-eye view more atmospheric and more personal and tangible than a top-down map.
In the scenario, the village is meant to be essentially a scattering of stone ruins and relatively new log cabins built on the remains of an older village sacked by marauding Orcs. I wanted it to be a little older and more established than that, so I've put in some half timber and stone, thatched cottages simply because I prefer that aesthetic to log cabins.

The Stonehill Inn is based on Brandon Kruse's superb Nentir Inn which can be seen here:…

Block-modelled in Maya, drawn and painted over in Photoshop.

The full image downloaded should print out at A3 size (16x11 ins approx) at 300dpi

UPDATE: I noticed that the image was 72dpi instead of the 300 it's meant to be. I've re-uploaded the image at 300dpi. I don't think it's a problem if you already downloaded it but if you aren't able to specify the print size on the original, it might try and print it the same size as your living room!

UPDATE 2: I got the map printed out at A3 and it felt very contrasty with the darks being too dark and making some areas difficult to read. As a result, I've lowered the contrast to even it all out a bit.
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So cool, thanks, my players will love it ^^

This is so much better than the official map!

Excelente Map! I wish I had this one before finished LMoP campaign. If I GM it again, I'll use it for sure!

This is a fantastic piece of artwork and will help my players explore this town!

Awesome!! The work is amazing, it'll really help me inspire my players on our next session. Thanks a lot!

Thanks so much for sharing--just what I was looking for.

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This is beautiful and really brings Phandalin to life. Thanks for your generosity in providing it for free; I would happily make a small donation to use it. Have you thought about putting it on the DMs Guild? I'm sure you would get some deserved reward for  your work on it.
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If folk like you use it in their games, it's reward enough :D
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Thank you for your generosity. It’s much appreciated, and I look forward to wowing my players with this pic tomorrow. 
Excellent work!  Nice job on the detail.  I will be using this for my next DnD session.  Thank you very much!
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Awesome! Glad other folk are getting use from the map.
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Fantastic peice! It's hard to improve on Mike Schley's work :D
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Really beautiful. I love this kind of maps. And D&D is definitely a good excuse to draw one. :D 
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This is incredible!  Well done!!  Beautiful work!
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Fantastic work, really love the look and feel. You don't perhaps have a version with the manor house intact? It would be very useful? Would you consider doing one? with the wall and roof repaired? Please :)
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great job!! im going to use in the back from my player's team at D&D!!!!! tnks!!
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WOW. Man, that reminds me of the illustration of the village in TomSawyer, which had me ponder over map alone for so long as a child. Once you've played there, maybe show this to a child and tellhim/her what adventures have taken place^^
This is great! Thank you so much. My party has just started and this will be a great way to introduce Phandalin to them.
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Great work! I can actually recognize most of the buildings without the labels. 
Just recently completed Lost Mines of Phandelver. Pretty great start to what I'm sure will be a long and prosperous campaign.
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This looks really nice and is a versatile map. I could slot this into any Western and Central European style setting from the 11th to 15th centuries.
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