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Locust LCT-1v Paper Model

A 15cm tall paper model of the Locust Battlemech from Battletech. Also known as the Ostall from Crusher Joe. Naughty FASA! :)

See included README.txt for details.

Use the Download Button on the top right to get the RAR file.
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Awesome mechwarrior !

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FASA asked Harmony Gold permission to use some of their mech designs when BT was first created, so I don't think FASA was being "naughty".
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Nice work! Downloading with thanks.
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looks awesome!
thought you might enjoy seeing my build of your truly wonderful Locust!

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Oh wow! I'd love to - sadly, it won't let me view the image on your FB page. Maybe it needs to be made public?
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In FASA's defence, the locust was legally licensed from the creators of Crusher Joe. Until Harmony Gold came along, that is.
That is quite awesome
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nice work! Ther are tons more papercraft mechs available at [link]
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Thank you for this, Scarerovv. :)
It is a very fine model, and a most welcome addition to the series.

Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.
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Very nice, I like it !
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uh i want one of that to go to the school :3
Uma otimo modelo grato
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Wow, nice work! Always one of my favorite 'mechs! At Virtual World, when we were doing the cockpit simulator Battletech game, we redesigned it a tiny bit, called it the "Owens" and stuck it in the game. My favorite 'mech, fast and maneuverable. We also put the Owens in MechAssault, for the X-Box, and I got to design and execute the texture maps!
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Thanks! I'll get to printing and building, theres nothing I love more than a card kit :D
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