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Leaf on the Wind

By Scarecrovv
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My submission for the 2013 Traveller charity calendar.
Two frontier scouts salute their comrades in the supply ship as it breaks for orbit.

Also subtitled, "Man punches spaceship into orbit."
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What would you charge for something like this?
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It depends on the complexity and size of the image but usually around £150 - £200
Thanks! I have a cover artists, but they are late and I'm hoping I can resolve it with them. Otherwise I will be getting in touch, and I will likely be very interested in you for future projects!
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This screams 'Classic Traveller!'
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This has a very "Angus McKie" vibe to it! Very nicely executed!
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That's an awesome picture. 
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Awesome stuff!
brooksby's avatar how I soar!   ;-)   Nice picture.
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this is a great piece. The mounts look really good and captures the feel of those silhouettes from the books
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Looks a lot like a POLICE VIPER from the 1984 video game ELITE to me.
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The Elite Viper and Elite itself were very much inspired by the Traveller role playing game, which braben and his friends played.
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Ah, that certainly explains a lot. Thanks for the heads-up. I've never seen that chronicled anywhere, including in the notes which Ian Bell published at his site about his time developing ELITE.
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Yeah, I absorbed it from somewhere. Probably a Traveller site. I'm not sure when the Keiths drew the original Suleimann design. It's possible, of course that whilst Traveller pre-dates Elite, the drawing itself doesn't and was, in fact based on the Viper :)
If I'd known I could have asked Braben when I met him a few months back - except I had no idea who he was until afterwards :D
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David Braben has denied on a number of occasions that any of the content in Elite was inspired by Traveller.. despite the fact that even the name "Jameson" is in Traveller.
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Yeah, there must've been some influence. To be fair to him, it was nearly 40 years ago so I don't blame him if things are hazy. I guess it's probably safer to deny it as well or Marc Miller's lawyers will start twitching :D
This captures the spirit of the game so well
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Poni rides!

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wow, incredible scene!
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OMG! It's a Viper!

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Well, sort of. The Suleiman design dates back to the late 70's and, I think heavily inspired the design of the Viper. Braben would have almost certainly been a Traveller player at the time. :D
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Traveller is cited by Bell & Braben as one of the inspirations for Elite, so I'd agree with you.:D
hope you won, because, wow.... awesome. Love the poni.
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