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Kavian Miner

A Kavian Miner shamelessly stolen from the alien police officers in Gerry Anderson's 90's show, Space Precinct. Hey, I can't help it, it's just what I saw when I read the description of the aliens with widely spaced eyes.
Sculpted in ZBrush and Maya. Composited in Photoshop.

After talking to the author of the scenario, Fred Love and he said that, whilst he loves my version, he actually imagined them to be more human. Now I can't help feeling that my version is maybe a bit 'muppety' for TNG era Trek and would probably fit better in Farscape or Star Wars (or Space Precinct :D ) but  this is how I saw them, so my Kavians look like this :D
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Not sure what a Kavian is, but I always loved the aliens and alien designs of Space Precinct and this is an awesome piece of 3D-Work!
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They're an entirely made up species for a scenario for the Star Trek roleplaying game described simply as 'aliens with widely spaced eyes'. I tried to design something original but in my head they just looked like Podly and I couldn't get away from it. I figured as long as I'm honest about that, there's no harm done :D
I too, really liked the design work in Space Precinct. Anderson never disappoints visually.