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Captain Kaladok

By Scarecrovv
Captain Kaladok from the Star Trek Adventures scenario, Biological Clock by Fred love.
Frdd imagined them as more human but in my head they looked more like this. maybe a bit muppety for Star Trek but c'est la vie.
Also, as with the Kavian Miner, I have to confess to having stolen the head design wholesale from Gerry Anderson's Police Precint. Lazy, I know but it was exactly what I saw in my head and I just couldn't shake it, or design something better.
Sculpted in ZBrush and Maya. Composited in Photoshop.
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Looks like it's based on on of the races from Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct, very cool.

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It is. Completely. It's mentioned in the blurb below the picture.

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Ah, my bad I didn't notice it since it says "Police precinct" rather than Space Precinct. Sorry, still really really good work!

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Ha! I hadn't noticed that I'd got that wrong. Well spotted :D

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This is an awesome design - hair, clothing, everything. And I'm just super impressed how it all comes together and how realistic it looks. It's a great blend of 3D and painting work. If it werent for the hashtags, I couldn't tell how you did it. Both thumbs up :)