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Mothcat ID: Malchior



{ Hello lovelies! Skek here uploading the ID I made for Mollie's babby <3 as she requested an ID in pastel purple to match Mal's fur <3 }

His name is Malchior and he used to live on the mainland with the humans as a pet/assistant to a humble but very respected and well valued Alchemist in the human community, he was sort of like his little assistant, and knew everything his master needed to work on his recipes with him and help him with his elixirs, unfortunately however, the alchemist was of elderly age and so unfortunately passed away, his heirs didn't want his assistant, and neither did any of his fellow alchemists since they already head mothcats of their own, so in the end before he could be put up for sale by the local human council he managed to get out of that situation and escape, though found himself with nowhere to go, so as a result he now travels between the human mainland and the island where the mothcats live at his original birth home, though he' been tame for so long that while he is good at looking for alchemical components and helping create little elixirs, he is tragically not as attuned to his wild instincts as other wild mothcats would be, so he's a bit at a loss when it comes with knowing what even to do in his original birth home when he'd rather just be curled up in the alchemy shop reading.

{Also yes, I shamelessly used Dark Crystal font, and Prince Amir of course appointed himself as friend without Mal's permission because he wants to be his mentor, yes <3}

Mothcats are closed species by ShinyCation and reptrion you cannot make your own

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OHHH I do quite like this backstory! Poor Mal is stuck between two worlds! :[ I hope an aspiring alchemist picks him up soon. <3