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Black Jack Justice

It's Black Jack Justice and Trixie Dickson; Girl Detective from Decoder Ring Theater!
Every lover of old-fashioned radio mysteries and adventures should look up these podcasts. I had fun listening to the latest Black Jack Justice adventures while working on this.
Only Decoder Ring Theater is allowed to use this for commercial reasons. You know... if they'd like to... (grin).

Stock from :iconamethystdreams1987: :iconnemesis19: and :iconcreatief2:
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palaminopaint's avatar
Nice black and white work
Kaleiope-Studio's avatar
That is pretty much exactly how I picture Jack when I listen to the show! Heart 
Simbores's avatar
I love this kind of art! Well done! :love:
Undrave's avatar
Hmmm I wanted to reply to Jayrage's last message but it didn't work! Strange...the comments are messed up.

Well in any case really nice piece of art. Love the style and the clock tower setting. Jack looks strangely...italian in that one :p
Scardy's avatar
I have no idea how that may have happened.
Undrave's avatar
Or she might throw it at your head. :p
jayragepeace's avatar
And waste perfectly good drink? I shudder at the thought.
Undrave's avatar
Careful, we know she throws bottles are guys she likes when she gets drunk enoguh :p
jayragepeace's avatar
Note to self; must learn to duck. XD
jayragepeace's avatar
That's awesome! Nice picture of old Square-Jaw and his girl Friday!
Scardy's avatar
I think Trixie would object to being called Jack's "girl Friday". :giggle:
jayragepeace's avatar
The bottle of bourbon I'd buy to make amends might help her forget anything happened. :D
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