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Bad Mane Days

One of the biggest complaints with the new My Little Pony toys is that they have terrible hair. And that is the honest truth. The colours are off, and the way they look freshly unboxed...

But! There is a solution! Lots of people have figured it out on their own, but if you've never done pony hair before, it can be tough to do. So I've created an illustrated style guide for the Mane Six, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and many of their friends, using my plastic ponies to illustrate how to get the looks you want.

*N.B.: Please stop telling me that you can't see it. It's a pdf. I know those don't work for everybody, but seriously, this would have been a massive, unworkable image. PDF is just the format that makes the most sense, so if you can't see it, hit the download button or refresh a few times. Thanks!

I'm so glad that the people from EQD liked this as much as I hoped they would! If you style your pony's hair using my guide, I'd love to see it. You don't have to share, but it might be fun...

Also, if you're here from reddit, howdy! I'm wrathlet there. I should really learn to just use the same username.
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Celestia bless you, you wonderful person. I finally managed to get my hands on the Mane Six (plus some extras) and this was one of the first Google results, linked from Equestria Daily. I haven't seen a guide so in-depth outside of the vintage fandom before, and you did a fantastic job. I can't wait to get started.

I've literally never heard of thatching before, even though I've been restoring older ponies for a while now - I'd be lost without you. All my new G4s lack their proper bangs.
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Do the styles frizz out or get misshapen over time? Do you just need to keep them in a good spot?
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Your ponies all have bangs... wow. All of the ponies that I ever got have the same manes. Great tutorial
may i please use some of this information for a video tutorial if i give you credit?
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Could you perhaps make one for Princess Cadence?
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I know how to make a show accurate mane for cadance. i will make it soon.
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This was quite helpful! I had a bit of trouble with the straw-curler, so my Rarity's top curl is a bit loose, but otherwise things turned out well, and all thanks to this guide. :)
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"It appears you don't have PDF support in this web browser. Download PDF"

The "Download PDF appeared as a link, but when I clicked it, it redirected back to this page. I saved the link as a PDF and it said the archive is damaged.
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omg thank celestia someone made this!! i did twilights hair and it came out flipping gorgeous!!!! once again thank you TuT
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Thanks for the Pinkamena one.
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i tried it on my new Pinkie toy..
let's not bring it up.
(quickly as fuck) okayiuseditandthenitjustfuckedupicuttooshortofthehairimadeittooshortajdffjdksjdfldjflkdjggf
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This is... so awesome /)^3^(\ but it reminds me that I still don't have a Rarity figure and then I remember that I'm broke
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Just a little tip, I've found a nice way to brush the mane through is to dampen it, then use an eyelash brush.

I got my first figure today, (Twilight) I'm gonna brush her mane through, then it's time for a trim :P
Where in the world did you get them with bangs? Lucky... All ine have the same darned hair, and I didn't go to beauty school. Can you take a picture if where to split twilight s hair to cut it?
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wow! now the ponies look like ponies and not.. um.. well hairy ponies? anyway great job on the tutorial!!
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I'd like to point out something you should probably know about the Crystal Empire ponies.

They have Mylar strands in the hair to make it glisten. I have CE Fluttershy, and the Mylar strands in her hair simply do not respond well to boil-perming at all. They just stay...wild.
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I pluck tose out. I hate tinsel and Mylar in hair anyway.
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Trying to figure out how to do Trixie Lulamoon's hair...
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Using this on my newly bought Lyra Heartstrings~ I'll post results today or tomorrow
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Using this guide i've just doing Rainbow, Trixie and Lyra =]
I have yet to see how they turn out but i'm confident in them. I did a little bit of my own thing for all 3 but also used your guide for rips. thanks for posting this, it really helped ! =]
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