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Riff raff, street rat...

Old sketch of Aladdin that I finally decided to color. The background is some random video game image, so if it is your random video game image, I thank you.

Done during the duration of 4 episodes of "Firefly" (ya, I know, I'm slow, but hey, it's a great, distracting show ^^)

Aladdin (c) Disney
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great expression on his face.
Klopeztwins's avatar
this looks great(i like Aladdin he inspires my drawings so much).
StarInsomniac2009's avatar
he actually looks really awesome in this. i'm not usually one for liking heroes (i have a thing for villains, such as mozenrath), but this looks really great! :heart:
jaella08's avatar
I like it, makes him seem more...devious. :iconsmugplz:
HiddenFlame1996's avatar
Weird pose but I love the Mozenrath like expression on his face. Looks like he's running at me to bitch slap me across the face...
scaragh's avatar
lol, yeah, I don't know what was up with this one. And the bitch slap will probably be with a loaf of bread... XD
GingerBizkits's avatar
I love the way you've drawn him differently to the classic mid-run picture :D This is great! He's definitely my favourite Disney character :D
scaragh's avatar
mine too ;) and thanks! :love:
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Aladdin, my all time fav male character in disney <333 XDD
I think it looks good (despite the lowpoly bg O.O) but it matches the character also XD nice onee
scaragh's avatar
Haha, thank you! I'm glad you like it XD
shirua's avatar
mimikayuko's avatar
cute XD i remember this XD
scaragh's avatar
mimikayuko's avatar
your welcome ohhh can u draw something for me please
SailorOrion's avatar
i love his expression. good job!
scaragh's avatar
Thanks so much! ^^
el-la-jongleuse's avatar
He is so like "Stealing is bad and that's why I do it!" I love his self-confident and mischievous smile.
scaragh's avatar
haha, yup. That's always a good message to send to the kiddies...
MBryn's avatar
Aladdin looks rather devious here. Nicely done!
scaragh's avatar
We all know he secretly loves stealing and living on the street. Why else would he insist on doing the same things when he lives in a palace?
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ForeverACharmedOne's avatar
I love the confidant, devilish look on his face. After all, he isn't in trouble until he's caught. :XD: ;) Lovely job!
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