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Scapegoat Comics ~ Commission by MarieJaneWorks
NSFW Comic Promo-Scapegoat Fanverse by Foxy-Knight
Commission by MegS-ILS
Scapegoat Comics by Alexi-C
The Eagle
The Eagle (pinup by yosarian13) by Dkalban
The Eagle Promo by Dkalban
The Eagle Issue 1 Pg 1 by Dkalban
The Eagle Issue 1 Pg 2 by Dkalban
Lucifer angel by Foxy-Knight
Beezlebub by Foxy-Knight
Old Harry Angel by Foxy-Knight
Free comic cover by Foxy-Knight
Human Angels
Jack Dominic-The Dark Judge by Foxy-Knight
Jd by NwitchGun
Ha 2017 by n-a-k-e-d-g-r-a-v-e

Mature Content

Human Angels Preview-PAGE 01 COLOUR by Foxy-Knight
Melody Of Pain 2017 by n-a-k-e-d-g-r-a-v-e
Cygnus Starting Page (1) by n-a-k-e-d-g-r-a-v-e
Splash Page Final by n-a-k-e-d-g-r-a-v-e

Mature Content

Page 7 by n-a-k-e-d-g-r-a-v-e
Scapegoat Fanverse
WOTM-CH05- Science of Magic Page 17 by Foxy-Knight
Cain and Mabel A Pokemon Webcomic Page 51 by Foxy-Knight
Cain and Mabel A Pokemon Webcomic Page 50 by Foxy-Knight
WOTM-CH05- Science of Magic Page 16 by Foxy-Knight



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Cardigan by SilverVanadis Cardigan :iconsilvervanadis:SilverVanadis 17 2 Horns by SilverVanadis Horns :iconsilvervanadis:SilverVanadis 9 3 Moment of Clarity by SilverVanadis Moment of Clarity :iconsilvervanadis:SilverVanadis 29 5 Bunny Meat 52: Goldfish by ChartreuseNoir Bunny Meat 52: Goldfish :iconchartreusenoir:ChartreuseNoir 60 51 Bunny Meat 53: Imaginary 'friend' by ChartreuseNoir Bunny Meat 53: Imaginary 'friend' :iconchartreusenoir:ChartreuseNoir 71 49 Bunny Meat 54: Supplies by ChartreuseNoir Bunny Meat 54: Supplies :iconchartreusenoir:ChartreuseNoir 39 30 Bunny Meat 55: Head Wound by ChartreuseNoir Bunny Meat 55: Head Wound :iconchartreusenoir:ChartreuseNoir 59 22 Bunny Meat 56: Quail by ChartreuseNoir Bunny Meat 56: Quail :iconchartreusenoir:ChartreuseNoir 127 67 Maghella Cover by EsterCardella Maghella Cover :iconestercardella:EsterCardella 39 9 Batman No Background by Animixter Batman No Background :iconanimixter:Animixter 40 7 Endgame (variant cover) (Art by Phil Cho) by Dkalban Endgame (variant cover) (Art by Phil Cho) :icondkalban:Dkalban 25 2 Love Triangle by SquirrelKitty76 Love Triangle :iconsquirrelkitty76:SquirrelKitty76 2 5
SoS Short: A Thief In The Night
Cairo, 1885
The tan boy, wrapped in native garments, looked at the whitewashed walls of Sheik Ibn Ishmael's compound. He had heard that the old man had been stealing antiquities from various tombs and temples up and down the Nile. Worse still, apparantly he was a supporter of the Mahdi in the Sudan. The boy's heart grew angry; his mother and father were butchered by the Mahdi's men at their campsite. He barely escaped with his own life thanks to the digger Avraham, who spirited him away to Cairo to report to the British and Egyptian authorities. Unfortunately, none of his relatives back in the States wanted to take care of this wild nine year old, so they stuck him in an orphanage, a place worse than any prison. So, he escaped to the streets...
...And now here he was, carefully scaling the Sheik's compound walls, silently dropping into the perfumed gardens of the harem. He kept to the shadows to avoid guards, both human and clockwork, as he made his way to the treasury. He was v
:icondkalban:Dkalban 1 3
Attempted Group Picture by SquirrelKitty76 Attempted Group Picture :iconsquirrelkitty76:SquirrelKitty76 4 5 Hatshepsut and Kawit 1 by SilverVanadis Hatshepsut and Kawit 1 :iconsilvervanadis:SilverVanadis 23 3
The Teen From ACE, Issue 1 Rough Draft
The Teen From ACE (Augmented Combat Espionage)
Issue 1 Script
Rough Draft
By Daniel Kalban
Story and characters belong to Daniel Kalban
Page 1
Panel 1
An empty road at night. It is somewhere on Long Island, to be precise. The time is now, though there will be an air of timeless Americana. A minivan that looks like a cross between a modern minivan and a Studebaker drives down this lonesome Long Island road. The road is lined with trees and power lines.
CAP: Long Island, New York.
Panel 2
The interior of that van. Driving the car is Mr. Jack Petrie, who should look like Dick Van Dyke from his 1950s sitcom. He wears a 1950s period suit, tie, and hat. His wife, Mary (who may or may not look like Mary Tyler Moore at the artist’s discretion), is sitting in the front seat wearing a dress and pearls. In the back are
:icondkalban:Dkalban 3 10


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We are here to tell a story. Stories of heroes and villains, monsters and madmen and joy and sorrows. But be warned, morality isn't black and white and the heroes aren't always praised by the masses.
Be warned...things may get scary, but you'll not want to miss a second

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Hello there Deviantart herd, it's been a while since the last journal update but things are in motion so it's time to show you which wheels are moving. First things first:

Our Fanverse ongoing webcomic is still going to continue, we have the artist hired for chapter four but owing to natural delays at her location chapter four looks to be delayed until April at the least. We will keep you posted on this series as it develops, it is going to continue.

we finally have a patreon ready, so if you wanna support more webcomics like WOTM and help us create our own original comics then please drop on by.
For $5 dollars a month you will receive our undying gratitude and name in the credits of our patreon pledges as well as access to all fanverse pages before they hit Deviantart or TAPAS, and you'll see sketches of pages before they reach anyone else

For $10 a month in addition to what was said prior you will have access to all bonus pages for fanverse series including deleted scenes, outtake pages and a side series showing a mockumentary behind the scenes

For $20 a month in addition to what was said prior you will have access to Patreon exclusive webcomics which will not be released to Deviantart or TAPAS but will later be dubbed for viewing on Youtube.

For $25 a month in addition to what was said prior you will be able to see all the NSFW comic content, including any fanverse ongoing webcomics which fall under this brand (which most likely will not be dubbed on Youtube)

For $30 a month in addition to what was said prior you will be able to get first viewing of the NSFW content and have a chance to give your say for what kind of NSFW content you would like to see done in a five page comic.

And for $50 you get everything I just said as well as access to a special Scapegoat Comics Discord where you can converse with the creators, see pages get made via artist streams, early access to all original content development as well as free digital copies of all first issues of Scapegoat comics titles. All details will be discussed on the Discord

So here we are, we're currently on first tier target where we need $500 per month to continue our webcomics and to begin development of our first Original Comic The Eagle written by :icondkalban: and currently with WOTM delayed we are exploring NSFW comic pages as well as our first NSFW patreon exclusive webcomic. So if that sounds like your kind of thing then come on down to the Patreon, and if you can't support us with your money then spread the word and see if your friends want to join our herd.
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