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Scapegoat Comics ~ Commission by MarieJaneWorks
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Scapegoat Comics by Alexi-C
Barkley vs Scappy (Art by NAT) by Dkalban
The Eagle
The Eagle (pinup by yosarian13) by Dkalban
The Eagle Promo by Dkalban
The Eagle Issue 1 Pg 1 by Dkalban
The Eagle Issue 1 Pg 2 by Dkalban
Lucifer angel by Foxy-Knight
Beezlebub by Foxy-Knight
Old Harry Angel by Foxy-Knight
Free comic cover by Foxy-Knight
Human Angels
Jack Dominic-The Dark Judge by Foxy-Knight
Jd by NwitchGun
Ha 2017 by n-a-k-e-d-g-r-a-v-e

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Human Angels Preview-PAGE 01 COLOUR by Foxy-Knight
Melody Of Pain 2017 by n-a-k-e-d-g-r-a-v-e
Cygnus Starting Page (1) by n-a-k-e-d-g-r-a-v-e
Splash Page Final by n-a-k-e-d-g-r-a-v-e

Mature Content

Page 7 by n-a-k-e-d-g-r-a-v-e
Scapegoat Fanverse
WOTM-CH04-Shades of Evil Page 31 by Foxy-Knight
Cain and Mabel A Pokemon Webcomic Page 26 by Foxy-Knight
WOTM-CH04-Shades of Evil Page 30 by Foxy-Knight
Cain and Mabel A Pokemon Webcomic Page 25 by Foxy-Knight



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The Wolverine by Orr-Malus The Wolverine :iconorr-malus:Orr-Malus 195 16 Patreon Commission: Zomburai vs Pumpkin Demon by ChartreuseNoir Patreon Commission: Zomburai vs Pumpkin Demon :iconchartreusenoir:ChartreuseNoir 30 10 Soa by ItalianRicanArt Soa :iconitalianricanart:ItalianRicanArt 1 0
Burning Snow- Ch. 3
   Richard lays in his cell napping waiting for his interrogation. The things said to him by the bounty hunter started replaying his head forming the nightmare he hates.
"Ichie! Ichie!",  a panic voice shouts
   Richard was just a boy, aged ten, and he was wandering around a burning mansion. He didn't feel anything as the heat had dulled his senses and even the smoke held no sway over him, but he was scared and panicked. He had heard his mother scream, his father shout but now their voices were silenced and all he could hear was-
"KANA!" he screamed, "KANA!"
He rushes around looking for his little sister yelling, "KANA!!"
   As his emotions flared up, the fires around him grew stronger and the structural integrity was getting weaker by the second. All the while, he could still hear his baby sister screaming and crying.
She cries out, "ICHIE!!! I CAN'T BREATHE!!! HELP ME!! I'M SCARED!!!!"
:iconcolors789:Colors789 4 0
Valentino - Rock and Roses by velvet021 Valentino - Rock and Roses :iconvelvet021:velvet021 18 17
Burning Snow- Ch. 2
  Arendale was a town which now welcomed magic, Elsa had wondered if it was because the people were trying to absolve for their past misunderstanding and cruel thoughts....but it wasn't just that....the town were just beginning to understand how unique their Queen was and how lonely someone like her must be. So there must be others like her in the world, admittedly they weren't sure what to expect but not one of them could expect quite the entrance of RBT.
  Richard-Blaze-Torchwood, an elegant name they decided. The name of a gentleman, from overseas of course if his accent was anything to go by. Most certainly European, perhaps even British. Some even began to contemplate a set up for them.
  One cold....both magical....both single....both very attractive. It's no wonder a pairing for them was being set in motion. One of those people was the Queen's sister.
  She could invite him to perform at the Snow festival,
:iconcolors789:Colors789 6 25
Burning Snow- Ch. 1
  By the outskirts of the Norwegian kingdom of Arendale, at the foot of the mountains and the frozen lakes the ice miners dug. Braving the cold temperatures and hard challenges to harvest the ice, and as they mine they sing. For the ice miners respect their craft and they know of the power the ice holds, even before Queen Elsa took the throne and revealed her hidden power they knew, and they sang then as they sing now.
"Born of cold and winter air
And mountain rain combining
This icy force both foul and fair
Has a frozen heart worth mining
Cut through the heart, cold and clear
Strike for love and strike for fear
See the beauty sharp and sheer
Split the ice apart
And break the frozen heart
Beautiful, powerful, dangerous, cold
Ice has a magic can't be controlled
Stronger than one, stronger than ten
Stronger than a hundred men
Born of cold and winter air
And mountain rain combining
This icy force both foul and fair
Has a frozen heart worth mining
:iconcolors789:Colors789 8 14
The first Encounter by CarlosDattoliArt The first Encounter :iconcarlosdattoliart:CarlosDattoliArt 213 49 Serious Engineering - Heavy Traffic page 1 by ChartreuseNoir Serious Engineering - Heavy Traffic page 1 :iconchartreusenoir:ChartreuseNoir 85 60 Sacred Tree and Elemental Gates by FrancisLugfran Sacred Tree and Elemental Gates :iconfrancislugfran:FrancisLugfran 318 128 Batman WIP by Karantheartist Batman WIP :iconkarantheartist:Karantheartist 6 8 Noir Office by Orr-Malus Noir Office :iconorr-malus:Orr-Malus 109 21
Mature content
Home Is For The Heartless :iconrhoder:Rhoder 56 41
Lady Death Tribute colors by xavor85 Lady Death Tribute colors :iconxavor85:xavor85 711 21 Monster Group by flerna Monster Group :iconflerna:flerna 20 41 Transcendence: Page 1 by ReverseTheEclipse Transcendence: Page 1 :iconreversetheeclipse:ReverseTheEclipse 3 13


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We are here to tell a story. Stories of heroes and villains, monsters and madmen and joy and sorrows. But be warned, morality isn't black and white and the heroes aren't always praised by the masses.
Be warned...things may get scary, but you'll not want to miss a second

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Hello there Deviantart herd, it's been a while since the last journal update but things are in motion so it's time to show you which wheels are moving. First things first:

Our Fanverse ongoing webcomic is still going to continue, we have the artist hired for chapter four but owing to natural delays at her location chapter four looks to be delayed until April at the least. We will keep you posted on this series as it develops, it is going to continue.

we finally have a patreon ready, so if you wanna support more webcomics like WOTM and help us create our own original comics then please drop on by.
For $5 dollars a month you will receive our undying gratitude and name in the credits of our patreon pledges as well as access to all fanverse pages before they hit Deviantart or TAPAS, and you'll see sketches of pages before they reach anyone else

For $10 a month in addition to what was said prior you will have access to all bonus pages for fanverse series including deleted scenes, outtake pages and a side series showing a mockumentary behind the scenes

For $20 a month in addition to what was said prior you will have access to Patreon exclusive webcomics which will not be released to Deviantart or TAPAS but will later be dubbed for viewing on Youtube.

For $25 a month in addition to what was said prior you will be able to see all the NSFW comic content, including any fanverse ongoing webcomics which fall under this brand (which most likely will not be dubbed on Youtube)

For $30 a month in addition to what was said prior you will be able to get first viewing of the NSFW content and have a chance to give your say for what kind of NSFW content you would like to see done in a five page comic.

And for $50 you get everything I just said as well as access to a special Scapegoat Comics Discord where you can converse with the creators, see pages get made via artist streams, early access to all original content development as well as free digital copies of all first issues of Scapegoat comics titles. All details will be discussed on the Discord

So here we are, we're currently on first tier target where we need $500 per month to continue our webcomics and to begin development of our first Original Comic The Eagle written by :icondkalban: and currently with WOTM delayed we are exploring NSFW comic pages as well as our first NSFW patreon exclusive webcomic. So if that sounds like your kind of thing then come on down to the Patreon, and if you can't support us with your money then spread the word and see if your friends want to join our herd.
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