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Feng Zhu Brush Pack

I actually recreated one of his custom brush and found 4-5 other he uses constantly.
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Thank you so much

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Best brushes I've discovered so far. Thanks so much! Glad I can now easily use these with csp with the new update allowing to upload .abr format :)

Thought I'd pop in some input after tinkering with the calligraphy brushes several hours (I'm an amatuer beginner really). I noticed, in both chalk and calligraphy brushes that they fade (almost like a real life pencil/pen) ever so slightly that varies with pen-pressure.

One way to achieve that is to allow 'Transfer' in Brush settings, turning off opacity jitter and setting 'Flow Jitter' to pen pressure. One can vary the amount of flow, but I tend to stick on default 0% for both. This comes... 7 years after the fact, but I hope it helps someone out!

Been using these for years. Thanks very much for the upload.

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Glad to hear that my man. I switched to CSP a few years ago but I still have these, converted them for it :)

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Thanx for uploading  :)
I do some work with my own custom brush, but the out come is not that good ,  so just want to experience different brush.
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Brushes doesn't matter one bit, those are just tools, what u guys are searching for is his skills, besides, those brushes are all default, what u guys lacks are FUNDAMENTALS
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   Brushes are a variable, removing a variable - makes it easier to pinpoint your flaws. Furthermore why every artist has different brushes if it didn't matter ? I've tried Scott Robertson brushes ( and tool presets ) and they are great along with his explanation on how to use it. You're merely repeating what you've heard before without realizing that even if a person doesn't improve, even though brushes don't matter, they are a undeniable temporary confidence boost 
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Thanks for sharing. 
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Thanks, for sharing! May god, mother nature, budda, and the tooth-fairy shine down apon you!
you are a life saver
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Thanks for uploading! (:
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Nice one! Thanks man!
i might be stupid but how do i download this?
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To the right there's line: "Download File". Click it and enjoy.
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thanks a lot for sharing this treasure!
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much appreciated!
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