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Dear D.Artists,

please take a sec. to read this post, you and I may benefit from this project.

1. What project?
I''ve built a game, but I need the images, and I want all of them to be from D.Artist.

2. Why?
To promote you, and because the quality of work here is awesome.

3. Are you getting money from it?
I swear on me, no. Because in my plan, first it will have to be made known, so I will spend the bucks to promote the project, as I have carried all the work of building it.

4. Are you promising money to D.Artist?
No, but I promise that:
- you'll get your credits (your nickname, and website of the image), and visibility, and I won't get any money and nether ask you for it to join expenses or plus-work.
- if the project works, and I'll get money, you'll be surely contacted to get your money and invite to join on board. :) It's just the logic consequence.

5. What is your offer exactly?
I'll look through Deviant Art, and if your image is among my Fav it is likely that will be used in the game. In this case, the offer is:
- Do you agree, to let me use your image for free, reporting any time it appears your nickname and link?
This way, you get a lot of visibility, and I get a good product for my game; and as my game spreads (I cover the expenses) you get visibility. And if it works, and I can sell it, you'll get money and we'll do it again but this time with an income for both. :)

6. Why you do it for free?
Because this way I can narrow the expenses, and if it works, awesome because I can pay the artists and of course raise money to boost it.

In Conclusion...
Here it is like a cooperation game, the more D.Artists will contribute with my effort, the more will they get visibility, the more the project will be good, and the more visitors and chances will they get to sell their prints (because D.Artist's page will be linked to the image in the game); so if the game will be really good with your contributions too, there are more chances that it will work, and the D. Artists will get more money.

To assure you on my honesty, you can check my work when it will be done:
- As the work is done, I will link you to the source of the game, and being it free, I hope you'll enjoy it, and of course will find your work in the Artists Credits in it. Checking that everything has been done allright. :)

Please send me a message with your answer if I contacted you, or link to the images you want to show me, and I'll scout through them
Expect a message from me if one of your images is in my Fav :)

Please help me realize this project, it will be good for all of you guys (and me too, I hope... in long term)! :D

For any questions of course send me a message ;)

----INFOS UPDATE-------------------------------------

Hey guys!

Thank you for having accepted to join this alliance :) All the artists that have left a positive comment and so are providing the material for build this game.
Sincerely, thank you guys.

Unfortunately, D.Art won't let me send enough messages to contact D. Artists... (it is considered spam), so I'll answer you here, if you do not receive an answer very soon please don't think that I've ran away with your images ;)

I would state again, as answer to common FAQs, that:
- All the contributing artists will see their work applied to the game in the link to the project.
- The game is free, and until it is free I couldn't pay artists. The day it will be, I want all of you on board and payed.
- Your images are not shown without your name and link; your credits are always granted, and I try to pay your courtesy increasing your visibility.

See ya guys! ;)
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White-Heart Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
I read most of this thread, except the mud throwing parts.
Because my image is in your favs, and the journal title caught my eye.

You know what would help, ScannerArtly? Simply showing a finished prototype of the game, with a mockup picture saying "Imagine White-Hearts awesome artwork [title] inserted here".
That way I get the concept, goal, context and I will believe in you as a talented individual that contributes to my value as an artist.

You have to promote your project in order to get people on board. Just saying "you have nothing to lose" is not very convincing. For me at least, and I think for others as well.

Convince people of the quality of the project, and they will do their best to get their artwork in there, instead of the other way around.

Cheers and success!
brainleakage Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I fully agree with White-Heart....
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Dumaker Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
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January 29, 2013