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Pterorhynchus Wellnhoferi Portrait

Finally finished this guy.... for now.
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FeloniusMonk's avatar
The detail in the eye is immense! Amazing work
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This is really awesome, I love the colourations you've picked. Definitely for display! Where does it get the carotenoids for the colours? This is a really interesting basic guide for reconstructing feather colours: [link] though it goes into skin colours, and how the egyptian vulture gets it's yellow face colouration by eating herbivore droppings. It'd make sense for pterorhynchus to have a brightly coloured crest, and it'd show their state of health even better if they had to go out of their way to maintain the colour!
THanks! Hell, I have no idea where it gets the colours from! Thats all artistic license with some reference pictures of hornbills. An interesting article you linked too though I wasn't aware that Pterosaurs had feathers, I know they had a fine furry coat but I wasn't sure that it had been confirmed as being feather like.
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They don't have feathers, they have a fur-like covering, but skin colours are covered too, in the article! As I said, I really do like the colours you've picked, and it'd make sense that this pterosaur would have bright colourations. Hornbills get their colour from eating vegetation and fruit, I assume, so it'd be an interesting bit of behaviour if pterorhynchus and other predatory pterosaurs with display colours had to consume some vegetation, say, to gain the colours and for no other reason.
I'm not criticising at all, as I totally understand how there's no need for all this overthinking and the picture stands up on artistic merit and is scientifically plausible all on it's own!
Oh hey, no worries, I didn't think you were being overly critical or whatever. I really need to have a solid read of that article, been a bit preoccupied with things at the moment. I do appreciate the comments though. As for the hornbills, I know that Ground Hornbills also eat lizards and insects etc and I'd assume Pterorhynchus perhaps had a similar lifestyle so that was kind of what I was working from :)
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That's pretty cool! I suppose they could even get plant matter from lizards and insects which had digested plant matter, recently. They would eat them whole, of course!
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