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Wrinkled Brown Silk


wrinkled brown silk as a texture

resolution: 2000x1500

I think you never found a silk as smooth as this... ;)

It's only a digitally created silk, although it resembles a lot with a photograph of this fine fabric!! :D

Please, credit me if you use it. You can notify me by sending a feedback link to this page. It would be really appreciated.

Note: Created in PS (for featuring purpose)
©2011 Scaloperion.


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Thank you very much, very cool

mil gracias, muy chula

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thank you so much
Vielen Dank, es ist sehr schön ♥
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nice work. Thanks for using my texture.
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used it here: [link]

Very great stock! Thank you for putting it up!
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Glad you liked it. Never thought it could be used this way, with a flower. Thank you.
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nice texture, here is the link where i am going to show it, let me know if you would not like it on there!
-Enrique Garza

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sorry, but didn't saw where you used the texture on the site. Maybe it's not there anymore. Thanks.
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Very nice, I like the perspective it gives to them. At least for me, it reminds something related with the first scenes of some old times series, or an historic documentary, on some countryside girls or Victorian times. Good colors use! ;)
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Hi there! Used this beautiful texture for my manip "Nakupenda" [link] ... Thanks much for sharing! :yoda:
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Thanks. Cool, you used again the texture. :dance:
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I plan on using this on a website! Thanks, man!
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good luck with that project, I'm curious on what it's gonna be. ;)
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Thanks, it's great! Love specially the shadows given by the texture, which brings somehow an idea of a brown velvet curtine composing an exotic room. :)
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Hi used here [link]

its new image
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nice, it resermbles something related with aurora borealis (although is much more darker)
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used here for my background [link]
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