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Lionman regal

Another race in Flash Gordon is the feral Lion Men. I have always pictured lions as regal, but I should have greatly pushed his animal physicality far away from human proportions. Oh well, this was take one and that's the beauty of conceptual rendering. I pictured them wearing the more reptilian species they encounter, but this looks far too clean!
I like the face only, and the dreads.
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I like the concept of the collection of scales as part of their badge of honor. I really hope you go beyond the conceptual side of this and go with a full blown out version. It would be really cool (and gruesome) if the gems were eyeballs as if they have them to help them see better in battle. I really like what you did with the face too. I like how you took the facial hair features of the lion and turned them into a human like facial hair.

Really nice!
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It sort of reminds me of the Liontaur race from Quest for Glory. Those creatures resembled centaurs, but had lion features instead of horse features. The Liontaurs had heads and lower bodies of lions, but had the arms and torsos of humans. I have always liked lions, and this is really cool. It does remind me a little of Beauty and the Beast, with the fur and the face. I guess I should try Flash Gordon sometime, along with Doctor Who. I know for a fact that Star Wars was inspired by Flash Gordon, and also John Carter of Mars. Without those, it would not have existed.