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Hello-hello-hello, all!  Thank you to all who participated in our previous challenge, TWU WUV!  Three of you sent in your true-love themed works of art for the month of February, and here they are:

Dragon Valentine by kaseykmay Happy Valentine's Day! by Vaelkyrie PX40 and PX39 by synersignart

Each of you who participated will receive a Dragon Scale to be used in our new commission program, which we are close to unveiling.  Our May theme is Video games.  You can fulfill the theme of this challenge in one of two ways:

A) Draw an original dragon in a video game style or setting.  You can use pixel art, or you can envision your dragon in a scene from a video game such as a boss battle.

B) Draw an original dragon playing, watching, or otherwise interacting with video games.  What kind of games would a dragon play?  What would it be like, heaven help us, when a dragon ragequits?

While we're all fans of gaming's classic dragons like Ridley, Alduin, and Spyro, fan art will not be permitted in this challenge. Submit original designs only.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.  Look for news of our Dragon Scale program in the upcoming days.
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Lost City - Ch. 19Off the Map “Max!” Paul yelled from the bottom of his lungs at the escaping person, “Marc has to be in the main building!”However, as much as he tried to stop him, he couldn’t divert the inevitable. In a matter of a few seconds, there was no trace of his friend.“Oh my god,” he muttered for himself in a shaken voice. “He is going to get lost and probably die in there,” Paul glanced slowly down at his shaking hands.Alright, I need to, I need to. With those last thoughts, Paul energetically turned himself and rushed back inside the complex.I need to call someone, and they will know what to do, was Paul’s erratic thought with which he quickly made his way towards the canteen. Pushing the handle down and swinging the door open, he looked for someone from the Phoenix, someone who would understand him and know what to do. His mind quickly scanned the puzzled faces, which stared back in his direction. However, the level of stress he felt told him mere seconds after that no one he was looking for was in there.As he began to back away from the door, one name emerged from his mind.Stefansson.Yet as he started running towards the stairs, an all too familiar voice called out to him from behind.“Ms Vender!” the startled voice of Paul addressed the person, “I- There is something–”“Paul,” she cut into his speech with her calm voice, “please calm down, what happened?”Taking a deep breath, he looked at Ester, unable to move a muscle, “Do you know Max?” he paused for a second but added afterwards, “Marc’s friend, I mean.”“Yes,” she nodded as her expression slightly stiffened. “What about Max?”“Well,” Paul walked a few steps towards her, “I know it’ll sound crazy,” he brushed his short hair, “but he…”“What?” Ester urged him to complete his sentence.“He ran off to the cave in search of him,” Paul finished his statement dryly.“He had what!?” Ester exclaimed, looked towards the exit door and turned back to Paul. “How long ago?”“Probably, three minutes ago,” sounded the prompt answer.“Three whole minutes,” she repeated with a withdrawn breath. “Why hadn’t you told me earlier?” she exclaimed, sounding more desperate by the second.“I couldn’t–” Paul tried to confess, but the woman cut him off with a grown.“What?” she yelled at the poor boy in front of her, but after a defeated sigh, she continued calmly. “You couldn’t find me? I was sitting right by the door.”“I’m sorry,” the boy answered apologetically. “Is there something I can do?” he raised his voice full of hope as his gaze met the worried eyes of Ester.“You,” she paused for a second, “no. But I need to find Stefansson, quickly,” she completed her statement and looked at Paul. “Do you know where he might be?”“He can be anywhere,” Paul glanced at the floor. “But,” he suddenly perked up, remembering his past intentions, “This early, he is usually in his room.”Something similar to a happy expression appeared on Ester’s face, “Do you know where that is?”“On the first floor, to the right,” Paul swiftly responded.“At least something,” she glanced at the staircase and took a deep breath. “Alright, listen, get to your room and don’t tell anyone what had happened, understand?”The boy in front of her nodded with a puzzled expression. “Why can’t I?” sounded his inquisitive answer. “Is it because Max is in danger?”However, his demands were answered only by a cold glance.Seconds after, Paul could only watch the leaving person as his mind was too shocked. Only when other students began to peep from the cafeteria door, he quickly made his way towards his room.Closing the door behind him, in a sigh of desperation, he collapsed to the floor and leaned against the door, “Max, I’m so sorry…” But Paul wasn’t the only person who battled with their emotions. Two storeys down, a woman rapidly beat at the door of the administrator.“Geturðu roast!?” came a muffled response through after which Ester retreated from her calling method.“What do you want–” the person, dressed in old rugged jeans and a shirt which depicted a logo of a band from the 80’, began to open the door, but when he spotted the woman on the other side, he immediately swallowed the end of his sentence.“Mr Stefansson,” Ester took his pause as an advantage, “I need you to come with me, now!”“Give me a…” Kristian snickered his left eye and rubbed it violently, “What happened?”“Something, the board needs to know,” she urged the man who stood calmly in the doorway. “I’ll tell you in the car. Now, come on! We don’t have much time.”“Can you give me a few seconds to change clothes?” Stefansson announced and began to close the door, which Ester halted with her arm in an instant.“There is no time!” she repeated herself. “Get the keys, and let’s go!”“Alright, alright,” the man snickered. “I’m right behind you,” he completed his sentence and ventured into the depth of his apartment only to reappear in the doorframe a few seconds later.“Could you tell me what this is all about?” he closed the door behind him and began to walk alongside Ester towards the stairs.“A student,” she answered and ran down the stairs.“And can you tell me what exactly,” he caught up to her, “had that student done?”“He…” she glanced at him. “Well, I’ll tell you outside.”“Wait,” he looked at her with seriousness written on his face, “What had happened?”“The student,” she pushed the entrance door open and stepped into the brisk outside world, “he ran off into the cave.”“Oh,” he gasped as his gaze met the ground. “How long ago?”“Maybe some ten minutes ago,” she said with frustration in her voice. “That’s why we need to get to the others.”“Oh, God,” he sighed and opened the car. “Hopefully,” a few grunts resonated through space as he sat down, “the Mapper can find him.”~ ~ ~ “Do you think it was a good idea?” the calm voice of Amanda spoke throughout the atrium, “to choose the link this early into the course?”“I don’t know,” Greg admitted and stood up from the stage while Amanda, who had been sitting next to him, supported her chin with the palm of her hand. “But she was right,” he continued and let his hands fall loosely around his body.“Ester?” Amanda made a slight wondering gesture with her hand.“Yeah,” Greg answered while glancing towards the last man in the atrium who was sitting on one of the seats in the second row. “What she had told us proved to be true,” his voice trailed off for a second, “I still just have that lingering feeling that we should have waited a bit longer.”“Why?” Jared in the middle row laid down his legs onto the seat in front of him in a lazy manner, “That kid didn’t even shudder when he met with me in the halls, what I cannot say about his friend,” a subtle laugh emerged from him.Ester snickered and looked in his direction, “We know,” she answered with a roll of her eyes.“Hey,” Jared chuckled, “It’s not my fault that some of us are more suitable for open conversation with strangers than others,” he paused for a second. “And besides, if it hadn’t been for Ester, we would have never known him. You know how he responded when you talked to him in the cave after the evening’s lesson,”Both Ester and Greg nodded.“The kid is the one we have needed,” Jared finished his statement.“Do you…” Greg turned towards the door with a puzzled expression.“Do we what?” Amanda perked up from behind him, and Jared laid his legs down to the floor.“Do you hear that–?” as soon as he tried to finish the sentence, the door flung open, and two persons appeared in the doorframe. “Amanda!” Ester called onto her longtime friend with a voice full of desperation.“What happened!?” Amanda stood up from the stage with a puzzled expression.“Max, Marc’s friend,” she began and rubbed her face with her hands.“What about him?” Jared leaned forwards from his seat.“He,” Ester took a deep breath. “He ran off to the cave in search for him,” she completed her statement, and for a brief moment, nothing but the quiet noise of the air conditioning hummed throughout the place.As the news Ester had brought settled more and more in their minds, Greg and Jared had looked at each other before they both began to run towards the door.Amanda, a bit too startled from the sudden outburst, stood her ground firmly until Greg shot a glance at her, motioning her to come with them.As the duo neared the door, the heart of Ester started beating at an uncomfortable rate. In the last seconds, before the two men would surround her, she opened her mouth to defend herself. However, they both only bypassed her without even glancing in her direction.In that moment of confusion, she glanced over at Steffansson’s face, although his expression too couldn’t wrap the sense about what had the two men in mind.“What are you two waiting for?” Amanda called out onto Ester and Stefansson at the door as she made her towards them through the steps.Ester glanced at her friend with a puzzled expression, not knowing what she wanted from her.“Follow them!” Amanda gestured to the front, closed the door behind her and swiftly caught up to Ester.“Tell me,” she looked over to her friend, “where were you when he fled?”“I was– Well, look,” Ester signed and made a slight gesture into the air, “if a logical person finds their friend missing, they won’t run off to save them!”“Yes,” Amanda admitted dryly. “But still, it is your job to keep an eye on them. Because this is what can happen if we’ll let them loose.”“I know…” Ester looked down towards the floor.“You were in the cafeteria, weren’t you?” Amanda said in a sympathetic tone as they emerged from the hallway in the reception hall.“I…” her voice trailed down as well as her gaze. “Yes.”“The timing couldn’t have been better,” Amanda sighed.“Amanda!” Greg yelled after his colleague. “You’ll go with Jared and Ester towards the cave.”“But Greg–” Amanda began with a tired protest, but Greg cut into her speech with his explanation.“Just listen to me,” he emphasised the sentence. “Kristian and I will go to the Vatnshellir Cave where we’ll try to track the boys with the Mapper.”“Ah,” Amanda said quietly in understatement.“We’ll navigate you through the cave, and hopefully, together, we can find them both before something bad happens,” his voice trailed down.“Alright then,” Amanda nodded in Greg’s direction and turned towards Ester. “Let’s go.”Ester, hearing those words, in an instant ran towards the door where Jared impatiently stepped from one leg to the other.“And you two,” Amanda turned towards Kristian and Greg, “please give us only the good news.”Both of them shared a supportive smile in her direction.“Amanda?” Jared called out to her. “Can we go?”“Yea!” she answered, shot one last glance at Greg and ran towards the door. Back in the main building between Greg and Kristian ruled the same type of energetic yet anxious atmosphere. They hadn’t waited for much longer when they saw Jared leaving with the others.“Come on!” Greg yelled at his friend, who was trying to catch breath some tens of meters behind him.“I–” he began to form an excuse, but the moment he opened his mouth, he bent over and rested his arms on his knees. “I’m too old for this,” he muttered to himself and, with few quick steps, closed the distance between him and Greg.“Kristian,” Greg unlocked the door and swung them open, “check the power supply. Not a single person has been here for over a week,” he concluded and stepped over the threshold.“Aye,” was the short answer as he made the turn towards the circuit-breakers.“Nothing seems to be off,” Kristian had commented before switching on the power grid.“Let there be light,” Greg chuckled as the dozens of small lamps with series of clicks and buzzes came to life in front of him. And so, with much safer steps, he reached the spiral staircase.“Nothing seems to be wrong with the electricity,” Kristian said as he caught up to Greg, who hesitantly stared at the wide opening of the cave in front of him. “Greg, don’t daydream. We’ve got work to do,” he put a hand onto Greg’s shoulder and began to make his way downstairs.As much as Greg wanted to stare at the massive cave in front of him, Kristian was correct. Lives depended on them.When his boot touched the cold stone floor of the cave, Kristian was already going through the start-up procedures on the control panels.“Everything’s alright?” Greg came a little closer and received a nod in response.“Good,” he commented and shifted his gaze from the open console, running a series of commands on the computer’s screen to the device in the front.“The great mapping system,” he mumbled for himself and made a few steps closer to the dodecahedron-shaped piece of equipment. Every time Greg saw the Mapper, the small and compact size did invoke a subtle feeling of pride over their achievement.With a half-smirk on his face, he put one of his hand on the smooth top side and circled the scanner while avoiding the plugged cables.“Alright,” Kristian suddenly said with a voice of determination and glanced up at Greg, “we are ready to start, give them a call and see where they are.”Without a word of protest or hesitation, Greg came behind one of the computers, typed a few commands into the keyboard and waited for the feedback. When the results came green, he quickly dialled the walkie-talkies of his colleagues and put on one of the headsets nearby. Kristian, seeing that development, followed his suit and sat down on a chair next to his colleague.~ ~ ~ “What’s that sound?” Ester gripped the back of the seat in front of her and leaned to the side.Amanda sitting alongside Jared, who was hastily steering the car towards the Upper complex, did glance at Ester with a puzzled expression. However, not a second after, her face lit up.“They made it already down there,” she commented to herself and opened the drawer in front of her.“Alright,” she continued and put out three wireless earbuds, which all produced a quiet ringtone-like sound.“What are those?” Ester asked as her friend had handed her one.“Long story short,” Amanda answered as she put one into her ear, “walkie-talkies, but with a better horizontal and vertical range, so there’ll be no static in the cave, and they are multichannel as well.”“Ah,” Ester leaned back in her seat and put on the one earbud. For a few seconds, nothing but more music played through, when all of a sudden, a voice came in.“Do you read me? Check!” the voice said.“Yes, loud and clear,” Jared replied casually. “In what state is the system?”“Mapper is functional. Right now, we are filtering the triangulation. It seems like we have three life forms in the cave,” the voice, which now Ester recognised as Greg’s, answered.“Good, at least we know they are still alive,” Jared sighed and put away his feet from the gas pedal as the car neared the small parking lot near the entrance to the Upper complex.One moment later, with a blinker, he pushed the hand brake up, switched off the engine and stood out from the car. The rest of the passengers were close to follow.Closing the door behind them, the trio with swift steps made the cross through the road towards the gritted path and began making their way towards the cave. Yet as they gained height, a strange feeling fell on Ester, as if someone was watching her. With the sudden curiosity which enveloped her, she turned herself towards the complex where she saw the origin of her worries.At that moment, she couldn’t tell precisely who the figure in the windows was, but she knew that someone had spotted them. As small bits of anxiety began nipping at her mind, she turned around and tried to tell the others. However, in the very moment of her determination, Greg suddenly spoke up through the radio.“They are running,” he exclaimed. “You need to hurry!”“Running?” Amanda repeated with desperation in her voice. “Are they coming towards us?”“No,” answered Kristian over the radio. “They’re descending deeper into the cave!”“Oh, fuck,” Amanda gestured with frustration to the ground.Ester, conflicted from the two revelations, didn’t know how to respond. In the end, she hung her head down and quietly continued further. Jared, who led the small group, only sighed and accelerated his pace.“Oh my god,” Greg mumbled to himself.“What do you see?” Amanda asked him worriedly.“They already made it to the middle part,” he said as if he didn’t believe the image the monitor was showing.“Come on!” Jared yelled at the rest of the group while standing near the cave entrance. “We are running out of time!” he concluded his statement, turned his back towards the approaching duo and began making his way towards the cave.“Jared, wait!” Amanda exclaimed in his direction, which he ignored and continued further. “What about the helmets or the gear?”“There is no time for that,” he answered coldly, put out his phone and switched on the flashlight which lit up the stone path in front.“This is just perfect…” Amanda sighed as she reached the entrance.Mere seconds after, Ester caught up to her, but she hadn’t said anything, only put her hand on Amanda’s shoulder while passing further into the cave. Amanda took the encouragement as she remembered that they were the only ones who could salvage the whole situation. As the two women entered the cave, they put out their phone too, and with the flashlight turned on, continued further into the darkness.“Alright,” Greg, once again, began his report over the radio, “you got a bit of time. The dragon had probably sensed the waves of the Mapper or noticed your approach.”“What do you mean by that?” Jared asked dryly.“It got confused,” Greg answered with a hint of hope in his voice. “However, one of the boys has reached the magma chamber.”“Only one?” Amanda spoke up.“For now, yes,” Greg replied sternly, “the other got a bit lost in the middle part but isn’t thankfully in the reach of that dragon.”“Well,” she sighed, “now let’s hope that he won’t fall into one of the cracks.”“Also, Jared,” Greg spoke with utter firmness, “you should wait for Amanda and Ester.”“There is no time!” Jared answered as he reached the beginning of the middle part.“Jared,” Greg continued to speak without a hint of emotion, “I’m not going to navigate two groups at once just because you are too quick.”Jared sighed, halted and glanced back where he saw two cones of light slowly approaching his position.“That took you…” he commented as they caught up to him and quickly started walking further down.Amanda and Ester only looked at each other, shrugged and followed suit.“Greg?” Amanda asked over the radio to what she got a swift affirmative response. “What’s the status?”“You are still good,” he assured his audience. “The boy, in the main chamber, hasn’t fallen yet. The kid, in the middle part, is on his way down, but the dragon backtracked a bit.”“Backtracked?” Ester asked her first question since the start of the hike.“Well, yes,” Greg answered shortly, “But it seems like…” his voice suddenly trailed down.“What do you see?” Jared asked with impatience all over his tone.“The dragon had to pick up a scent or something!” a short pause followed. “It’ll be in the centre in a matter of minutes.”“Oh, fu–” Jared tried to curse but hit a rock on the ground and nearly stumbled. “What is the shortest way down!?” he asked after he regained his footing.“You need to pass by three branches. All of them are going to be by your right, so it’ll be easy,” Greg started instructing the team over the radio, who in that very moment got themselves into motion. “However, for the fourth turn, you need to turn left.”“Got that,” Jared answered while slightly catching breath as he tried to dodge every single small crack on the floor. “Alright, that was the first turn,” Ester mutter under her breath as she turned the cone of light from her phone towards the branch.“Yes, only two to–” Amanda began confirming Ester’s thought when Greg’s voice spoke in their earbuds.“This is bad,” he began timidly.“Greg?” Jared threw an inquisitive tone at his friend.“The dragon is in the main chamber before the other kid,” Greg described what he saw in the monitor in front of him. However, for a solid few seconds, no response came through; no one dared to respond.The trio had only briefly looked at each other before they began to sprint further into the cave.“Fuck,” came the sudden curse from Greg, “they are together,” he said coldly with no emotion in his voice.As they passed the second branch, Ester thought of how could Greg be so compound in that situation. However, her assumption changed after a moment of silence on which Jared called upon Greg to give a status report. But it wasn’t Greg’s voice that came through the radio.“I don’t know,” Kristian began timidly. “I don’t have the slightest clue of what is happening.”“Try to–” Amanda swallowed while trying to keep up with others. “Just describe the image you see!”“The kid is… Well, backing away,” he answered, a bit short of breath. “And the dragon hasn’t attacked yet.”“What about the other boy?” Jared asked while attaching the earbud more firmly on his ear.“He is nearly there,” a vague sense of hope came from Kristian’s voice, “Maybe he’ll be able to calm the whole thing before you arrive.”“Speaking of our arrival,” Ester picked up between deep breaths, “Where are we right now?”“Several seconds ago, you had passed the middle point of the–”“FUCK!” Greg cut into Kristian’s speech with a yell from the bottom of his lungs. His sudden exclamation made the trio stop dead in their tracks and put puzzled and horrified expressions on their faces.“Greg?” Amanda was the first one to speak up.“The kid in the chamber!” a deep sense of desperation ranged throughout his voice. “He threw something at the dragon and began running away!”“You–” Amanda had in mind to complete the sentence, but at that moment, no words were necessary.“No way,” Greg muttered under his breath. “He found a stone bridge across one of the cracks. But it won’t support his weight.”As Ester saw the third branch in front of her, a momentary sense of hope made itself known inside of her mind. For a split second, she visualised the moment when they’ll save the two friends. However, that was up until the point when a loud bang came over the radio.“What the hell!” Ester exclaimed with a speed of sound as she halted into a stop.“Kristian? Greg?” Amanda slowed down from her run into a jog. Jared hearing the same sound as everyone else slowed down and glanced behind, where he saw the two scared and worried colleagues.Despite the pleas from Amanda, no response came through.“Greg? What happened?!” Jared spoke up with an exclamation of his own.“It’s over,” after a solid few seconds of anxiety, the dry, rigid voice of Greg came over the radio.“Greg,” a single vague chuckle escaped from Amanda, “I don’t understand–”“He fell!” Greg said with the full force of frustration in his voice. “They both did! The boy and the dragon…”At that moment, once he completed his statement, everyone looked at each other with disbelief written all over their faces.“The other kid,” Greg continued in a more mournful than angry manner, “he tried his damned best to save his friend,” he made a short pause, “but to no avail. I fucking told you from day one that this was a bad idea! But nobody cared to listen to a logical explanation!”“Greg,” Jared began slowly, “I–”“Yes,” the voice over the radio swiftly answered, “YOU hadn’t thought or talked and acknowledged any of this! In your head, this was the perfect operation from the commencement to the end. However, look at where it has brought us now!”“I–” Jared washed his face with the palms of his hands.“Please,” Amanda spoke up with sobs in between her speech. “We can discuss this later,” she took a deep breath. “Let’s just save the other kid and get out of this place.”“Wow,” Greg answered with both irony and frustration in his tone. “You don’t care about the other one; all of this is just a way, a part of a process of getting a new piece of information!”“Greg?” the sudden inquisitive voice of Kristian came over the radio.“What is it now?” Greg shot a swift repartee at his friend.“Look at the screen,” he said with a withdrawn breath and hope in his voice.“What?” was all that Greg could muster.“Do you see anything?” Ester spoke up with desperation in her tone.“That’s not possible…” Greg voice all of a sudden sounded calm and compound. “Isn’t it just any other regular error, a mistake in triangulation?”“No,” Kristian answered. “That’s real.”The trio in the cave had no clue what the two of their colleagues had found out. They only stared at each other with puzzled expressions. Although deep in their hearts, they hoped for the best.“Long story short,” a slight snicker came from Greg, “the dragon is alive, and so is the boy.”There wasn’t a person in that part of the cave whose jaw didn’t drop while hearing that. All of a sudden, the massive stone which got caught on everyone’s hearts melted away.“Thank God,” a whisper escaped from Amanda’s lips.“What are we waiting for. Let’s go!” Jared shot a glance at the other two persons with him,“Do you see that?” Kristian spoke up through the radio.“Oh,” was all Greg could answer.“That makes no sense,” Kristian commented. “It seems like the dragon… He is with the help of the other boy carrying the body away.”“Say that again,” a puzzled expression appeared on Ester’s face.“It wants to help him?” Greg said astonishingly.“I don’t know,” Kristian answered slowly.“Just keep talking,” Amanda encouraged while being slightly out of breath, “we need to know everything.”“You won’t make it,” a quiet voice full of sadness came from Kristian.“They will,” Greg assured his friend with firmness. “They need to,” he added softly afterwards.“You should see the main chamber right in front of you!” Kristian exclaimed over the radio.“Come on, hurry!” Greg yelled at his colleagues through the earbuds. “They are nearing the end.”Even though they would like to respond, the air deficit in their lungs made them unable to. They continued to sprint further into the main chamber, where they saw a strange source of light in the distance. That sudden occurrence made them slow down in puzzlement.“No! Why have you slowed?” Greg’s voice, full of desperation and frustration, yelled.“There is,” Ester spoke up between deep breaths, “a light in the cave.”“A light?” Greg answered with a hint of doubt in his voice. “Why would some light appear in the middle of a cave?” he paused for a second but swiftly added afterwards, “Do not care about some light; you need to catch them!”Hearing the heated response, Ester glanced at Amanda, who only shrugged and carefully moved forward.“No, no, no!” Greg cried over the radio when a sudden bang came through it.At the same time as Greg threw his headphones at the monitor, Jared, in the front of the group, finally saw the strange source of light.“You have to be kidding me,” he sighed and kneed down to pick up the phone from the ground. “Goddammit!” he exclaimed and nearly threw the phone back onto the stone floor.“A phone…” he signed with desperation and shifted his glance further into the curve.“Everyone,” Kristian addressed the group in the most expressionless tone possible, “we lost them.”“They what?” Amanda exclaimed.“They disappeared,” he answered coldly. “They are off the Mapper.”
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Hey there, just wanted to let you know of the behavior of a former member of my groups. Just a heads-up if you happen to decline one of their pictures, they won't take it lightly apparently.

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New Black Dragon folder has been added.
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