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Thanks for the fav!

I was trying to figure out why your style felt familiar, and then it struck me: way back in the VCL days, Taurin Fox was one of my first introductions to realistic anthropomorphic art, and while his style leans slightly more cartoony, your pencilwork has a similar quality of depth and detail. As someone whose own skill never really broke out of middle school scribbles, seeing such talent extrapolated into proper painted canvas is astounding. :worship:

Thank you! I remember Taurin Fox, in fact my style ows a lot to furry artists I followed in the 90s like him, Ravenwolf/StasisDelirium, Caribou, OcE, etc. :)

I love the art style with the mix of traditional to digital gives off a beautiful design and the pencils sketches as well. From the silhouettes you draw to the characteristics you give, tells this story with each drawing you'd make. And I admire the choice of the variety of bright and shaded colors mixing with saturation adds to the backgrounds beautifully, the ambiance and atmosphere gives a sense of tone and depth the more I gaze into it.:love:

Flower Heart Street lamp - F2U Bridge - F2U Street lamp - F2U Flower Heart

Left divider - F2UCenter divider - F2U Center divider - F2U Right divider -F2U

P.s I hope you do continue to make the art you love! = ^ )

Thank you! It's all traditional work though, I only use digital tools during intermediate stages (to quickly correct sketches etc.). :-)

Ah, I see now. Either way, its very impressive the amount of work and dedication you put into it!

Red Rose = ^ )