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Welcome to ScaledRaces. Here it is our goal to collect and showcase art that depicts such creatures as the Yuan-ti, the Naga, the Lizardfolk, and any other creatures with glittery, scaly hides. We also seek to build a community around these creatures.

Group RULES:
:bulletgreen: Anything submitted to this group has to be a scaley type of creature (preferably from D&D, but can be from other stuff to).
:bulletgreen: When submitting something it has to be to the correct folder, if you don't know where yours should go just put it into the 'Other Races' folder.
:bulletgreen: Mature content is acceptable provided it adheres to the rules of deviantART.
:bulletgreen: You can send us as many submitions as you want, its encouraged so we can beef up the group with art.
:bulletgreen: All contest entries should go into the Contest Submission folder when submitting.

Group Info

This is a group that focuses on bringing together all players and fans of Scaled creatures from the game of Dungeons and Dragons. This may be expanded to included other scaled creatures out side of D&D.
Founded 10 Years ago
Mar 30, 2011


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890 Members
1,041 Watchers
122,482 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Hydra 2 by sandara
Kobold by YunaXD
Elder Artifact Dragon by sandara
Commence the Endgame by noahbradley
Saren (retrato realista) by OmarSzkarr
Yuan Ti Pureblood necromancer, Sebastian by ackelb
Yuan-ti by masonthetrex
Serpentfolk Priest by SOLIDToM
Welcome to Lizard York: Lizard Page 5 by xMonsterGirlsHideout
Welcome to Lizard York: Lizard Page 2 by xMonsterGirlsHideout
Welcome to Lizard York: Lizard Page 4 by xMonsterGirlsHideout
Welcome to Lizard York: Lizard Page 3 by xMonsterGirlsHideout
DND Naga
Telir I Viahse rework by gerrd
Naga and golem by gerrd
Naga's Respite by allendouglasstudio
Snake God of the Cave by chirun
Troglodyte by LuckyCloversArt
Handiss by yigitkoroglu
Ighiz by yigitkoroglu
Troglodyte v1 by Hologramzx
DnD Character: Seven by SynDraconic
Mehku, The Hard Kobold by MegaPyramidHead
Pathfinder: Az the Investigator by CathNelson
Kobold by ronnie92
Medusa by thegryph
Kiki - Tormenta 20 by Nolicedul
Medusa Sketch Card - Francois Chartier by Pernastudios
Perseus Vs. Medusa - Babisu Kourtis by Pernastudios
in mountains of Istaria by GoldenDraco
YCH Cloud wings by GoldenDraco
Moment in coolness by TellerySpyro
Moon embrace by GoldenDraco
Other Races
Coco's night out! by The-Argonian-Guy
Lovecraftian Unicorn by AndrewDeFelice
Dwarf's cave - commission by CristianoReina
Crocodine by Maxa-art
Tail Bags by TeguCreative
Godzilla 2019 vs King Ghidorah 2019 2 Kings by MissSaber444
Practice by Koel111
The last goodbye by Koel111
Lamia Nagas

Mature Content

Hannah and Lilith Aensland by OreBB 4 by Violet-Scales
Mamaragan The Dirawong by AustralianMarcus
Sparkle Evening by Yeraa
Dragons 2
Reincarnation of Light and Darkness by RavenCorona
Contest submissions
The Lair by Artsydhude


Golden Axe! by vanderWaardart Golden Axe! :iconvanderwaardart:vanderWaardart 90 5 Penny the Dragon Priestess by vanderWaardart Penny the Dragon Priestess :iconvanderwaardart:vanderWaardart 23 0 Nidoqueen Makes The Scene by Rocketknight56 Nidoqueen Makes The Scene :iconrocketknight56:Rocketknight56 35 1 Red Dragonborn Paladin- commission by NatteRavnen Red Dragonborn Paladin- commission :iconnatteravnen:NatteRavnen 23 1 Iara dos Santos and Ranhe Sinclair by XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX
Mature content
Iara dos Santos and Ranhe Sinclair :iconxd-e-r-r-a-c-i-a-zx:XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX 15 2
DandD - Yuan-ti abomination female by XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX DandD - Yuan-ti abomination female :iconxd-e-r-r-a-c-i-a-zx:XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX 13 3 Sharkess by XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX Sharkess :iconxd-e-r-r-a-c-i-a-zx:XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX 15 2 Colored For Devgear and Harpokrates by Yaoi-Huntress-Earth
Mature content
Colored For Devgear and Harpokrates :iconyaoi-huntress-earth:Yaoi-Huntress-Earth 86 7
For Rachaelm5 (part 8) by Yaoi-Huntress-Earth For Rachaelm5 (part 8) :iconyaoi-huntress-earth:Yaoi-Huntress-Earth 108 22 For Rachaelm5 (part 2) by Yaoi-Huntress-Earth For Rachaelm5 (part 2) :iconyaoi-huntress-earth:Yaoi-Huntress-Earth 75 7 Swish Curve Dragon by Yaoi-Huntress-Earth Swish Curve Dragon :iconyaoi-huntress-earth:Yaoi-Huntress-Earth 23 7 For Rachaelm5 (part 6) by Yaoi-Huntress-Earth For Rachaelm5 (part 6) :iconyaoi-huntress-earth:Yaoi-Huntress-Earth 70 14 Kobold by Seraph777 Kobold :iconseraph777:Seraph777 161 5 Refsheet Jorun by Faelis-Skribblekitty Refsheet Jorun :iconfaelis-skribblekitty:Faelis-Skribblekitty 64 2 Cookies are tasty by Faelis-Skribblekitty Cookies are tasty :iconfaelis-skribblekitty:Faelis-Skribblekitty 65 6 The Kitty and the Giant by Faelis-Skribblekitty The Kitty and the Giant :iconfaelis-skribblekitty:Faelis-Skribblekitty 69 4

Newest Members

Hey all it's been quite a while since the last journal update. Things seem to be chugging along fairly well with this group.
We get a healthy amount of art submissions each date with a good amount of people joining the group each week. We actually had our first folder fill up completely with the Dragon one, so now we have a second one for you all to quickly fill up. Other than that, no need to rock the boat really~

On to the main topic of this journal; to advertise a great online role-play show from a content creator I've been following since forever (2007~). It's called URealms Live! The cast of players play with a fully custom tabletop role-play game with digital puppets and weirdly meta audience interactions live on Twitch.

Now there's already been 3 seasons, with around 200 hours worth of content, so a hefty backlog to watch for most. Luckily the creator, Rob, has made this handy recap video of all the campaigns they've done to catch you up to speed with the important elements. Though I still highly recommend going back and watching the campaigns since the players make some fun and unique characters and stories, hilarity often ensues~…
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