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Rajin Edge of Darkness Progress (Blog out of Hiatus)

Official Teaser Trailer:…

Official Update Blog:

Part I Progress Report

Character Designs 50%
Settings 50%
Storyline: 100%
Dialogue: 100%
Panel Layout: 20%
Total Pages Finished: 4-5%
Total Pages for Part 1/6: 10-12%
Part 2-6/6 Not Yet Started +

The draft for the main outline and page/panel layout has been completed and just needs tweeking before its ready as a final guide for the drawing and coloring process

What Needs to Be Done
1. Finalizing main and minor character designs
2. Finalizing Setting Layouts for Welshire, Brimebet, Parts of Rajin, and GenCRYPT
3. Tweek Story and Dialogue
4. Improve on anatomy, still life detailing, color composition, perspective, and lighting.

Illustration Process Set to Begin Part Time June-July 2019


Thanks for Visiting Me

Thank you for visiting my page. For more information about myself and my work, feel free to visit my other pages:

Freelance Page (for business inquiries)
Youtube Channel (for video updates, speed paints, and animations)
Twitch (For live art and progress streams)
Life always has a tendency to get in the way of things, but usually only temporary.  I'm set to defend my Masters in a month and afterwards forcing myself to take a much needed break after 3+ years of academic stress..........After which I need to plan for the next chapter of my life (career landing, wedding plans,........) you know the works!!!!  I'm both excited, but preapring myself emotionally and mentally for what will be a hectic remainder of the year.  

I had original plans to start the illustration process for Rajin Edge of Darkness in June, but that was honestly me biting off more than I could chew and before I realized grad school would need another year to finish.  

As a result the project and a lot of my other art stuff has to be put away for a little while to focus on other personal and job related goals.  I need to get my travel and hobbyest bug out of me.  Get away from my computer for a while after my thesis is done.  Pay attention to my friends and family.  Hard to predict when things will slow down for me.  Funny thing is its been slow and steady up to this point.  Stuck in one place in a routine of predicitability, but still busy as heck and barely had a chance to breathe.  Hence a much needed break and getting myself into a new better routine that will allow me to do more with my life in more places.  I'm hoping for when I get established and adjusted to my next "first" official chapter in life I can make time for all my art goals once more.  I have to put my real science based career first since that's what's going to be putting food on the table until I get out there enough as a freelancer.  Starving artists..........but may one day it will be a full time thing.  

Either way once the dust settles in possibly several months towards next year, I can dive into my graphic novel project with full force.  Especially when I will have a strong storyline foundation to build upon (after I get further with the behind the scenes writing and prep) and get ahead of all my skill set sharpening through my art classes, tutorials, and books I've been hoarding the past 5 years.  Just too much that still needs to be done and polished up before the official illustration process can begin.  

In no way is this a "REOD project is retiring" or "I'm moving onto something else" especially since I've already put too much work and excited energy into it since 12+ years ago when I had the motivation to want to do a comic series of my own.  Its just right now everything is taking longer than expected and I have to focus my energy and time on the important life related stuff for now.  


Susan Soltau
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am a self-taught artist in fantasy based illustration across digital platforms and founder of Dragon Half Freelance. I often enjoy tying in my love for the natural sciences and fictional aspects into my art. Bringing subjects born of my imagination alive by well-researched techniques in order to capture it in the most realistic sense possible.

While digital art is my main go-to, I want to learn how to paint/draw/create with countless media type when I have the resources to pull it off. Love the idea of at-home DIYs, sculpting, and prop making for cosplayers and LARPers alike. Any excuse to do art in my free time makes me the happiest.

Overall I look forward to sharing my work with others along with hopes of doing conceptual art for a film or gaming studio someday. I have a very large graphic novel project called Rajin Edge of Darkness that has been in the brainstorming phase for over a decade and I'm excited to bring it to light in the next few years.

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No deviants said eBook for Computer and eReader
No deviants said Physical Book (comic sized softcover to larger hard cover)


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Ohhhh the new DA layout is interesting. Definitely different. Kind of reminds me of Sheezyart for some reason when that used to be around way back when. Anyway ciuldn't help myself so I spent the evening repainting my Hidden World Pops mainly to turn that shiny dark grey to black. i also noticed my Toothless was missing a part of his saddle (empty slot where it should snap in) so I made a new peice with clay. Not perfect, but if you didn't know any better, it works.
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Many thanks for the :+fav: on Philippe's Little Dragon :heart:

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