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Graphic Novel Story Snippets: The Rescue
Blaze and Sky take a dive of faith from the cliff side as the mysterious men who surrounded them began shooting.  We rushed past them as Sky held onto the neck of her only companion at the time as tightly as she could.  Blaze has never been able to fly still being too young, but what was our other option at this point.  His still small wings were still fragile and delicate.  With the ground rushing towards us, I closed my eyes preparing for the worst when suddenly I felt a thumping in the air as the wind that was blasting past my face slowed down.  Blaze changed his orientation and I slowly opened my eyes only to see the canyon floor moving p
Graphic Novel Storyline Snippets: Sky's Last Fight
Skyfyre lost her mind somehow.  Something in her mind snapped during this very moment.  She got on Blaze’s saddle and flew off away from everyone else and not listening to her fellow allies not even Eldoron who kept yelling at her to stop.  Sky took a straight shot towards the enemy’s weapons that were aimed directly towards her.  She didn’t change course despite the arrows that flung past her.  She tried to concentrate her magic and both her and Blaze began to glow brightly with a fire elemental based aura.  The aura grew until the two almost appeared as a big fireball shooting towards the group.  The enemy continued to sho
Graphic Novel Story Snippets: That Night
Eldoron sits on the edge of the top open-ended portion of Rajin as it gently hovers over the surface of the never-ending seas below.  The breeze through his long hair as he takes off his trench coat and top hat to cool off and reflect.  Looking off into the distance, he notices a red figure darting quickly towards the ship.  He sees Blaze with Skyfyre as they soar on the ocean winds.  Shouting can be heard as the two take a dive straight down only to swoop back up before they hit the water.  “This is amazing!!!!!”  Sky grabs onto Blaze’s saddle as she puts her legs up so she’s lying on her stomach.   The two cut throug
Graphic Novel Snippet: Attack on Vimera
    Sounds of power tools could be heard in the workshop close to Eldoron’s sleeping chamber.  The room alit by the glow of Pixel, his fairy companion.  He stays up most nights.  Sky sometimes walks past the halls casually curiously peeking in without bringing too much attention to herself.  Most of the time though, he seems to busy to even notice her presence.  In some ways he has become one of the more interesting members of the whole crew.  Orion keeps to himself mostly with an occasional glance and sometime a spoken word or two.  Guess it’s because she’s still new here.  It’s only been a few months since she was br
Book Storyline Snippet: Slow Dance of a Sky Pirate
    Eldoron walked down the halls with a plate of freshly cooked veggies and meats.  He knocked on Skyfyre’s door…..”Sky, are you there?” No answer.  “I’m just going to leave this here, you missed dinner again, so I want to make sure you eat.  The smell dissipated under the door and throughout the room enticing Skyfyre enough to get up and retrieve it, but Eldoron was long gone.  *Sigh* “What’s wrong with me?”  Blaze muttered from inside the room “It’s been a month Sky, don’t you think it’s time for you to make the effort to get involved with everyone else, I mean c
REOD Storyline Snippet: GenCRYPT
     The drugs begin to take effect as Sky tries to fight them while keeping her guard up.  Blaze weakens significantly.  “Sky……..ughhhhh…..I don’t think……I………..*thump*. He falls to the ground motionless as his body dematerializes and gets reabsorbed.  “Blaze…….Blaze!!!!!!!” Mental connection becomes completely severed and all she could feel was a sleeping beast in the back of her mind.  “Please……please don’t leave me.”  She desperately struggles to stay balanced and tries to fight, but her magic is fading so she turns around to r
REOD Snippet: At the Beginning
      Brimebet, is a small village surrounded by the forests and mountain ranges beyond.  It’s been my home for the most part for many years.  My name is Skyfyre, and I don’t have a lot of memories of my childhood oddly as I  was orphaned at a young age of 14.  Not  sure what happened, I just recall one day when I awoke, they were long gone without a trace.   I decided to leave the city and come here instead.  Life hasn’t been quite the same, some days are better than others.  The villagers here are very friendly, much more so than those back in Welshire.  They’ve been kind enough let me help them by doing odd jobs whe
REOD Storyline Snippet: The Escape
    Sky and Blaze sit in the room contemplating their next move. “We have to get out of here, I just don’t feel right about this place.”  Blaze confused.  “Sky that might not be the best idea, you’re still so weak from that place and besides we have no idea where we are.”  The view from the window shows nothing more than darkness.  “I’m not meant to be trapped here or anywhere, besides I need to get back to the village, I need to make sure my friends are all right, I mean what were those strange shadowy figures back there anyway?”  I feel like I’ve seen them before, in my dreams, nev
September 20, 1991
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REOD Part I Progress

Rajin Edge of Darkness is an upcoming graphic novel series that has been slowly in the making since 2006. Bringing about a tale that will revolve around an orphan girl whose entire life changes over night. Combining elements from fantasy and sci-fi, it's artfully driven story will span across 8 books with a potential for a second follow up installment.

Book I focuses on introducing main characters specifically Skyfyre whose quiet daily routine gets interrupted when a mysterious object crashlands in from space. Forced to discover her true role while making an unexpected companion and even more unforeseen enemies.

First Official Trailer:

Official Tumblr Update Blog:

Progress on BOOK ONE

Full Story Outline 100% (50 pages total = ~340+ illustrated single pages)

Detailed Script for Separate Parts: 12% (Dialgoue, panel layout,...etc.)

Finalization of Concept Art: In Progress (See Below)

Character Designs: 33% Total

  • Villagers: 30%
  • Skyfyre: 30%
  • GenCRYPT: 25%
  • Rajin Crew: 60%
  • Misc Characters: 0%
  • Blaze: 50%

Setting Designs 30% Total

  • Welshire: 10%
  • Brimebet: 33%
  • GenCRYPT: 33%
  • Rajin: 20%

Page Progress for Book 1:

Part 1: ~15-20% (1-6, ?? and ??) 8 pages total

~4-5% for Complete version

Individual Part Cover Pages (6 Total): 3% (art for Part 1 defined)

Complete Book One Cover: 10% (concept finished)

Summer 2019 estimation to illustrate pages part time

Summer 2021 tentative release date for Book I Part I/6

What needs to be done before illustration process can begin:

  • Finalize main character designs
  • Finish finding foundational art style
  • Finalize layout/look for main settings
  • Finish art classes on human anatomy


Full Story Outline for TWO >> 25% ~29 pages

Full Story Outline for THREE >> 10% ~ 8 pages

Full Story Outline for FOUR >> 0%

Full Story Outline for FIVE >>15% ~13 pages

Full Story Outline for SIX >> 0%

Full Story Outline for SEVEN >> 6%

Full Story Outline for EIGHT >>15% ~15 pages

GOALS for Apr-July 2019:

Conplete Detailed Script for Book 1

Complete Rough Story Outlines for Book 2-8

Begin Semi Official Illustration Process


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Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday ^^
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Holy crap! I never knew you were such an artist! After 24 hours of rereading your comment on my OC (Because it makes me happy! <3) I decided to take a look at your Profile. Colour me amazed, Because this is beautiful! Every single piece of artwork here is beautiful! Nothing shy of stunning.
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ScaleBoundProfessional General Artist
Thank yopu so much!!!  Your comment meant a lot to me.  I'm slowly improving, but my life leaves little time for it especially with schooling and job searching.  
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Ohhhh the new DA layout is interesting. Definitely different. Kind of reminds me of Sheezyart for some reason when that used to be around way back when. Anyway ciuldn't help myself so I spent the evening repainting my Hidden World Pops mainly to turn that shiny dark grey to black. i also noticed my Toothless was missing a part of his saddle (empty slot where it should snap in) so I made a new peice with clay. Not perfect, but if you didn't know any better, it works.

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Many thanks for the :+fav: on Philippe's Little Dragon :heart: