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Welcome to Scale-Adopts!

:bulletgreen: What do we do? :bulletgreen:

Our aim is it for people to find and adopt scaly creatures. Most adopt groups are specified for canines, felines and other mammals. Scale-Adopts is here for the reptiles and people that don't have a big selection to find reptilian creatures at those mammal based groups

Oak Leaf by Clu-art [CO] - Lickried by Skoryx Oak Leaf by Clu-art

:bulletred: Rules for this group :bulletred:

Submit to the right folder

Advertising is ok as long as you don't spam

Please remove closed adopts from the group to avoid full folders

No stealing art or designs, people caught will be banned immediately

If you use lineart or a maker, be sure to follow the artist's rules too

If you accidentally submit to the wrong folder, leave a note on the front page

Sexual or violent stuff is allowed, be sure to put a a mature content warning over it. Fetishes are not allowed

Alder Leaf by Clu-art Alder Leaf by Clu-art

:bulletblue: Other information :bulletblue:

-No limit for submitting adoptables

-All methods for paying are allowed

-Every affiliation request will be accepted

-Write a note if you want to advertise adopts

-Send a note if you think that there has to be another folder

-If you have questions just ask, however if you want to report something please note me

Group icon made by Himmelskerze

Gallery Folders

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Reptile Adopt $6 or 600 points [Closed] by celine-necrotheo
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Alligators and Crocodiles
croc adopt #3 [open] by GloomyAdopts
Chibi Croc OTA {OPEN} by WolfHeartMedia
Croc adopts (5/6 open) by GloomyAdopts
Neon Crocodilian Adopts - 2/2 Open by CosmicSlug101
Turtles and Tortoises
Tortoise Dragon Adopt [OPEN] by dinogeek01
30 points Turtles Adopts (OPEN)  3/9 by Adopties-here
Fantasy Turtles OPEN (SB 100 points!) by Aesthetic-Charm
NYP Gummy Koopas(2/2 open) by katamariluv
Allosaurus Auction Open by chimaericstudios
Adopt auction CLOSE by BariesuTerramNew
OPEN Raptor Adopt - 400p/5.00/Offer by Nyght-Driscol
Cheap Fluffy Dinos OTA (Open 6/6) by Havocqueen
dragons Adopts Set Price Open ! 12/24 by GeoNN
dragon bunch adopts | OPEN 16/16 by Zomismonies
ADOPT | Sand/Ice/Sky Assistant by Joajo-SummersAndWhy
Googly Dragons-4/6 OPEN by TheElderTrinity
OPEN - Axolotl Adopt 400p/$5.00/OFFER by Nyght-Driscol
Adopts #287 by BlueDinoAdopts
Froggies and Toads (open) by CaptainOregano
Jelly Axolotl Adopts #3 (1/4 Open!) by OffbrandWasteland
[ Sold ] Sharky Auction [SB $25] by JessiyWolf
[OPEN] MerMay- Amphipod by Mahasu
[OPEN] MerMay- Grenadier by Mahasu
[OPEN] MerMay- Tripod Fish by Mahasu
Anthros and Humanoids
FNAF auctuon adopt -open- by ottolover101
OPEN - Lowered Anthro Adopts- Lowered AB by Nyght-Driscol
Open Adopt - Dragon Girl - AB: $6/500p or Offer by Nyght-Driscol
OPEN Adopt - Anthro $7.50 or 700 points AB by Nyght-Driscol
Original Species
Hollow Beast Adopt OTA :open: upd by kittenAX
[ 1/2 open] 11-17-18 [creatures] by Tridile
RTH Lazy Saturday by Stripe13
5 point Pokefusion adopts -open- by ottolover101
Bases and Lineart
Spino Lineart Template P2U -OPEN- by LordPuffballAdopts
YCHs Reptiliian Prepose
open ych by DemonsHeir
Species Ref Sheets
{p}Doggoos open species by onigiryStuff
Customs, Gacha, Mystery and Breedable Result
Mystery Chibi Adopt #5 by CherrySphinx



Group Info

Looking for reptiles to adopt and can't find them anywhere? We have many types of those and no mammals at all~!
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Aug 26, 2016


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I'm trying to help my friend FreakyRaptor who's in need of money and since she's amazing at drawing dragons, reptiles etc. I thought I could advertise it here~
Feel free to take a look at her gallery for more examples, she draws everything from cartoons to realistic! Just note her if you're interested~

Comission Advertisement (NM) by KnightmareAdopts

Alder Leaf by Clu-art▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄   Alder Leaf by Clu-art

Past comissions I've ordered from her~

01 by KnightmareAdopts 02 by KnightmareAdopts
03 by KnightmareAdopts

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