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sweet, no sleep again once in a while. by Scadee, journal

Ein paar Worter. by Scadee, journal

No body parts hurt anymore. by Scadee, journal

A glass of sparkling mineral water. by Scadee, journal

I am hopefully getting smarter. by Scadee, journal

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Do you have a Diary?

  |  159 votes
  • Yes,a pretty book hidden under my pillow
  • Yes,internet keeps it safe.
  • Yes,anyone can read it throught the internet.
  • No
  • Rarely,when I have some power in my fingers to write

Do you have a website?

  |  84 votes
  • Yes. Tell me then , please =]
  • No.

Do I need FAQ? =] (suddenly came a will to answer some ...

  |  30 votes
  • Yes .Ask then a question.
  • No.

What camera do you have?

  |  102 votes
  • usual film camera
  • professional film camera
  • digital not prof camera
  • digital prof camera
  • don`t have
  • i use camera obscura

What day of the week do you like the best?Why?

  |  40 votes
  • monday
  • tuesday
  • wednesday
  • thursday
  • friday
  • saturday
  • sunday
  • don`t see the difference between
  • i live in the another world