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Pyramid Head and Eddie

By ScabbedAngel
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James: "You're not friends with that red, pyramid thing, are you?"
Eddie: "Red pyramid thing? I don't know what yer talkin' about.
Lyind bastard.

So here's the new PH piece I've been promising a few of you for a while. In celebration for what will hopefully not be a shitty movie that comes out this month, I thought I'd finially finish this one... Said scene in SH2 always had me wondering... why did eddie sound so... guilty about this very reasonable inquiry? Bad voice acting or... something else entirely? Why was he puking so much? Well, if you're drinking with PH, don't you think he'd drink you under the table?

All questions answered. Hope you enjoy, as always thought, insights are always appreciated... been a while since the last PH piece...
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There's always time for pizza.
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Rape happy entities are NOT BFF material, Eddie....*Sigh*
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Well, that explains where the pizza came from (and why he was throwing up so much). This looks fantastic =D
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-sigh- they are drunk again -_-
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I'm speechless.
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James: Are you friends with that Red Pyramid Thing?

Eddie: No, we're BFFs.

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and eddie said they dint know each other XD
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What a liar! I totally would've liked Eddie more if he would've let me hang out with Pyramid Head! If there's anyone in the world I'd like to have a beer with, it's PH!
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DRUNK you and DRUNK PH: :iconpyramidplz: hey lets rape some maniquins :icontelephantasm:okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D oh wait i fwogot teh do something..something *leaves* ph:TWAT JUERK! ill do eet mahsalf ugh...*later* james:LALALA IAM SOO LOST IN THIS FREAKY APARMENT BUT IDC LA LA *walks into room where PH is*HA HA TELE DOESNT KNOW WATS HES MISSING!!! james:!!!!!!!!!!
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Uhh, I'm sorry, I can't follow your train of thought :P.
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That's becuse iam wearing ph's helmet it's heavy as hell. D: wait DID YOU EVEN PLAY THE GAME??? hmmmmmm:iconhmmmplz:
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Yeah I did. But your grammar in the first reply was a bit of a trainwreck. That's what I meant.
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Oh god y does every one say that???
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Because....I'm afraid it's true...
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two twisted killers together. thats nice XD
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Eddie: Killing a person ain't a big deal.

Pyramid Head: I know right?
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the immense awesomeness
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hahahaha great work ...........i love two silent hill ...i dont speak english but i work in a fancomic from silent hill.....
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Brilliant idea, I love it :XD:
And it's very well drawn and really has a very dark and gritty feel that matches perfectly with the game's atmosphere ^^
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You have been featured here: [link] :heart:
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Hahahah this is a good one! Great job.
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I never even thought of this. I should have known those two were up to something...
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